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Friday, October 22, 2010

AKON dubs JEFFREE STAR 'The Next Lady Gaga'!!!

yep, you could say I told you so....

JEFFREE STAR is about to blow up all around the world. You don't have to take it from me, just listen here to AKON!

Akon Reveals "The Next Lady Gaga"

(p.s. fast forward to 4:18 in the video where he talks about jeffree)

I'm in NYC for CMJ right now and I couldn't be more excited for Jeffree. Waking up to this is the best news EVER!!!

here's the cutest picture of us - - jeffree looks so good he looks like he could be superimposed. he's glowing. haha..

love you jeffree. hang on for the ride!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would be happy if JEffree were a nice person but he is not.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Honestly, I pray for him to get huge. The world needs to know gays aren’t what they think they are, there the fucking same as the rest as the world. EVERYBODY needs to open there eyes, and except everybody for who they are, and Jeffree needs to show them how the fuck to do it.

Anonymous Anna said...

check out the exclusive interview with AKON @ARTISTdirect, talking new Album STADIUM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry but I don't think Jeffree star is going to help people understand the gay community at all, he will in fact, do the complete opposite.
I'll admit Ive listened to his music from time to time, and although it's rather funny, there's absolutely no substance, and that includes musical ability. I'm sick and tired of "singers" today coasting by on "good" looks and a mediocre vocals. Gaga has an epic voice. She walks the walk through and through. Jeffree, on the other hand, talks to music. Anyone can talk to music, have it overproduced, and packaged.
I'll remain unimpressed.


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