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Friday, March 14, 2008

Reggae, bad. Will Rendle, good.

I’ve never been one for Reggae. I can’t help but associating it with the scraggly line-cook that would always offer to smoke me out after work, though that meant sitting through a good 30 minute chunk of listening to nothing but Marley with only him and his malnourished dratty girlfriend telling me lame stories about Glacier National Park in their cramped hippied-out studio apartment. I personally don’t get how so many white-ass, uneducated, Applebee’s cooks can identify so well with Reggae and Marley but somehow they do it, and there are quite a few of them out there… and they all are trying to set the record for how many crappy Jamaican colored rugs/flags they can hang on the walls in their low income housing apartments.

That being said, this is Will Rendle:

Will is from the UK but looks like he bros down with practically everyone in Venice Beach. He’s part reggae, part pop, part nothing of what I just mentioned above, and Sublime addicts will get silly when they hear this. Check out this shitty quality youtube of his song Misunderstood… We’ve watched it probably 20 times today.

WILL RENDLE ’Misunderstood’ (youtubevideo)

We suggest tracks It’s Fine and Weirdos.

hell ya,

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Blogger heatherpeggs said...


Evan's first post! HELL YA!

will rendle = hottness. can't wait till he comes to LA!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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