Photobucket Hell Ya!: JUSTICE - D.A.N.C.E. video! (Anyone selling stock in ED BANGER RECORDS?)

Monday, May 07, 2007

JUSTICE - D.A.N.C.E. video! (Anyone selling stock in ED BANGER RECORDS?)

ALL HAIL ED BANGER Records. Can they do no wrong? Especially JUSTICE. You guys need to stop it with all the hit songs and good ideas . . . give somebody else a chance!

I love this song & video - every time I watch it, I catch something new . . .
Great job to directors - Jonas & Fran├žois. I predict you guys will get an avalanche of phone calls & emails from many a major label video commisioner!

Thanks JUSTICE for turning out the songs that keep the indie kids on the dancefloor!

P.S. Has anybody been watching MTV/MTV2/VH1 recently? I've been watching alot this past week (while i was home sick) and I've noticed some big changes! Good changes! Especially the interludes where they spotlight a snippet of a brand new artist/song. These are really, really good songs! like Juiceboxxx, Plan B, Mando Diao, Honeycut, Bonde De Role, etc . . . How Cool Is THAT!?!? (Scottie are you responsible for this? If not, who is? They RULE!)

Keep it up MTV, give the people what they want!

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Blogger acidbird said...

yes - i am responsible
hope u dig it

Blogger hp said...


I was SHOCKED to find out about a new band today from MTV.

Thanks to you I bought the Honeycut Album. Am I super late on this? Or are you just that good?


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