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Saturday, October 27, 2007

DANCE PARTY tracks for the weekend!

First and foremost - - Britney is back - and this song is HOT!!! I think it's my new favorite! Brit get off the drugs so you can enjoy this hot record you have!


PLEASURE - 'Out Of Love' video

CHROMEO - 'Bonafide Lovin'

CUPID 'Cupid Shuffle'

SAM SPARRO - 'Black And Gold'

*come to the ECHO 2 3pm today to see Sam Sparro perform! might be the last time before he's signed to a huge major label deal . . . our show on monday is postponed - more details later

**stay tuned for Sam's premier of his new COTTONMOUTH video TODAY on youtube. :) Go Sam!!!

Bonus! If you are feeling a shade of gay - - which everybody is sometimes! I love this Mika mock video from random dancing dudes! YAY!

MIKA 'Lollipop' (not real video) but it should be!

and my favorite - - these dudes can SHAKE IT!!!

METRO STATION 'Shake It' (not real video) but again, it could be. these dudes are great!

What songs make you dance like these dudes? Don't hold back, please share. I love comments. :)

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