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Thursday, November 08, 2007

perez hilton should be proud, or hire me

caution - this post is very name-drop heavy. (same goes for typos.)

Last Wednesday I head over to wins tons, to check out DJ Bizzy spin. First person I see as I'm exiting the bathroom - - BRITNEY SPEARS!! Sunglasses - Check, Slutty crazy can/can pussycat doll costume with fishnets? CHECK. Lollipop in her mouth - - CHECK. I felt like I was in a live version of US weekly. Craaaaazypants. I have never seen Britney in person, so for me it was like seeing a Unicorn or Santa Claus or something. I kept staring, trying not too, stalling over the sink while washing my hands for the 5th time . . . how embarrassing. o well, at least my hands have never been cleaner!! haha

later in the night, i see the bartender wearing the same exact outfit/costume as Britney. WTF? 2 red slutty hooker/can-can outfits with black fishnets at the same party? nope! Britney paid the bartender $200 to change outfits with her! HAHAHAHA

So that was my Wednesday Night @ Winston's. That was nothing compared to my Saturday night @ GREEN ACRES!

IAMX 'President' video

This video goes out to President Bill Clinton and perhaps the future President Hillary Clinton - whom I didn't get to meet while at Green Acres, but, at least I was at the same Party!!! My boss is friends with the Clinton's, so I got to watch as he was tapped on the shoulder and whisked away to the super duper vip section of the estate. I can't wait till I get tapped on the shoulder - as an invite - instead of a 'please the exit is right this way miss'. That will be fun.

So I'm sure you are wondering, how in the HELL was I anywhere near Bill and Hillary? I was there because of my boy Evan - who works with me, for me, and is now becoming a better version of me - especially when it comes to networking. He knows pretty much everyone. And if he doesn't know them today, he will figure out how to know them by tomorrow if I needed him to! His blog is hilarious - check it out HERE! (Now if he could only bring back the Aussie accent when tipsy - that was the best!)
Back to the party - - so yeah - I got to ERIC HUTCHINSON for the event! (fyi - last year Michael Buble was the performer) This was the 2nd annual Ronald McDonald House 'wine & fries' charity event. It was held at the RON BURKLE estate (ginormous mansion) called "Green Acres". The event was hosted by Rick Dees (which was AWESOME as I grew up listening to his Weekly Top 40 every week!) It was really awesome seeing Rick Dees introduce and hanging with ERIC HUTCHINSON! Plus I got to bring a gaggle of guests! It seemed like we had our own section! haha
(P.S. Louie Bandak - yes you are my favorite capitol employee, and I owe you one. Louie Bandak is the man.)

(big time thanks again to Evan for hooking it up Presidential style, but next time you better hook it up for the after-after party w/ Bill & Hill! Come on!)

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