Photobucket Hell Ya!: 8/27/06 - 9/3/06

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

HELL YA! Night is TOMORROW @ The Echo

HELL YA! Night is going SOOOOOOOOOOO well that we have our first "copy cat". Jax told me about this venue in San Diego who is putting on a HELL YEAH! Night every friday night. Not only did they steal the name, but they have already booked 3 of the bands that I have featured on HELL YA! night. I have to keep repeating to myself "Imitation is the highest form of flattery", but it's hard to stop myself from driving to san diego and kicking this guys ASS!

Anyhoo, on the brighter side of things - the original HELL YA! Night is back tomorrow (thursday) @ The Echo! It's Free (as always) and features some great bands! Here is the lineup:

8:45 pm is SKY HARBOR

Sky Harbor is from Charleston, South Carolina. This band was added onto the bill last minute. I recently saw this band in Indianapolis for the Midwest Music Summit. The band is flying here just to play this show! Dedication! Come early to see them!

9:30 pm is THE BLAKES

The Blakes hail from Seattle, and know how to bring the rock. I fell in love with this song off their debut cd titled "Modern Man".

10:30 pm is GRAND OLE PARTY

Grand Ole Party are from San Diego and are veteren's to HELL YA! Night and HELL YA! Radio show. They were so good opening the show in May that I brought them back to play a later slot. The hot girl in the middle of this photo is Kristen, she is the singer AND the drummer. Vocals like Janis Joplin. Don't miss this band. Check out my fav song here:

11:30 pm is POP LEVI

Pop Levi comes all the way from Liverpool! He is signed to Ninja Tune records (super cool indie label that brings us Spank Rock). I saw him play recently at Safari Sam's and immediatley asked him to play HELL YA!
Here is a song of his new EP:

Come say hi to me (in my new blonde hair), JAX, JG, and my MOM! She is in town from Pittsburgh, PA and will be in the DJ booth with me all night. GOOD TIMES! Hell Ya! See you tomorrow!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Great song - Great Video

Instead of talking about the new Killers songs (eek!) . . . I'm going to post this SNOW PATROL video for "Chasing Cars". (my fav song off their new album)