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Thursday, May 08, 2008

have i told you lately that i signed my first band? if so, i'll tell it again anyways!

DUKES OF DAVILLE! HELLLLLLYA! Life is good. Just found out they got placed in another big movie! and the album isn't even out yet! (i wish it were pushed up a bit - but hey - beggars can't be choosers!

Dukes Of Daville Sandwich! (me w/ Ric & James while recording in LA)

just found out they are going to be in the new Ashton / Cameron Diaz movie in Vegas::

What Happens In Vegas (movie preview) i'm sure you have seen all these commercials already - - - everyone has been calling me saying they heard Metro Station 'Shake It' in the same movie spots as well!

So either that music supervisor is either A) super awesome and apparently we love the same shit, i need to get in touch. or B) is my friend/and or a music supervisor that I've already been in touch with - both Dukes & Metro have been on about every Hell Ya! Mix of the past year!

i found this video interview w/ the dukes today - - check it:

Dukes Of Daville interview in the studio in Hotlanta between mixing/recording

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your work come to fruition. I am still in shock that I'm even INVOLVED in this project, it's too damn good! Turns out everything ALWAYS happens for a reason, and I was meant to do just this!
I just can't wait till I can play it for everyone I know!! (you know i will now anyways - - that's just how i do things. the more people that know about it - the better right???? with that said, here's my new favorite dukes track - shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

DUKES OF DAVILLE - Beggin' (via yousend it link)

tell me what you think! i love feedback - both good and bad - so bring it on ;)
if you know who did this song originally - i'll give you a prize. ;) email or comment here if you know!


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