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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tonight at SPACELAND, yeah it's my bday, and I'll take this guy gift wrapped please . . .

Bret You've Got It Goin' On! (Youtube Video)

Yeah he does! I almost tripped up the stairs of club 86 last night when I saw Bret at the decks - - - I said to Ana 'hey wow that guy looks like Bret from Flight Of The Conchords! Funny!' and she's all 'It Is!' HAHAHA
I turned into a 15 yr old girl, all giggles and giddy, wanting a photo for my new default. So before I dorked out and asked for a pic, i ran into the girls bathroom to fix my hair, makeup & make sure my perfume/deodorant was holding up . . . (i always have a mini febreze spritzer just incase!!)
Even though it was 99 degrees in the womens restroom, i gave myself a quick bouffant (thanks cass for the lessons! i love it!) so here is the results - - i'm really happy with the turnout - - it looks like we are a cute couple or something: (wishful thinking!)

Don't we look good together? Yeah i think so too. Bret, call me, and i'll give you that tour of Capitol Records that i promised. (that's my usual pickup line - - - 'hey do you want to go to the roof of the Capitol Records tower?? um yeah - I could hook that up! Lets go!') WORKS EVERY TIME!

enough about that - - lets talk about TONIGHT!
It's my b-day and i'm having all my new favorite bands on one bill! Come on down to Spaceland and celebrate with me!

HELL YA! & ASCAP present:

FIRST 3 people that email EVAN@HELLYADEEJAYS.COM get free guestlist spots. ;)

SO . . . I'll see you there? I'll be accepting b-day drinks all night. ;)


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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

HELL YA it's my birthday . . . this friday @ spaceland!

HELL YA! It's my birthday! I'm getting old . . . turning 28. uh. oh. haha

This friday. 3 soon to be huge bands - maybe a few surprises - - such a good show that we needed not ONE but TWO kick ass show posters!

SO . . . I'll see you there? I'll be accepting b-day drinks all night. ;)


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reeve carney is the hotness

damn. this guy is going to be so big. i know i've said it before and i'll say it again - - this is the guy i wish i could have signed the most.

he deserves everything that is coming to him.

check this out:

REEVE CARNEY live video promo


REEVE CARNEY live during HELL YA! @ the HOTEL CAFE (download via yousendit)

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Monday, May 19, 2008

TONIGHT@ Spaceland! MEZZ OWLS, ELI PAPERBOY REED, what more do you need?????

HOLY SHIT last night was incredible - - i will post about that later - - but tonight make sure you get your ass in gear and head on down to SPACELAND! It's free and i think it's one of the best lineups ever . . . . plus I'm djing. what more do you want?

9pm - eli paperboy reed & the true loves
10pm - lovelikefire
11pm - mezzanine owls
12am - the henry clap people

that lineup is bananas right?

ELI PAPERBOY REED & the TRUE LOVES goes on first @ 9pm

read about him HERE

and if you haven't seen the MEZZANINE OWLS yet - - - where have you been?? i've been at both mondays so far - and this one is going to be bigger and better than ever - - check out this clip from JAX's Youtube site:



JAX has got her shit together alright - her label JAXART is putting super solid 7' inch records - - she has 2 out of the 4 bands on this bill tonight - - get the vinyl while you can - as i'm sure it will end up as a collectors item. I'm buying 4 copies of each - cause i'm a vinyl nerd!

read more and download trax from all the bands playing from JAX's ROCKINSIDER POST HERE

come say hi to me & ana (*dimmak) & jennifer teft (spaceland booker & soul music expert! *she spins @ the shortstop on sunday nights - - all soul music) we will be djing between bands - if i'm not on the decks - i'm probably flirting with the saxophone player from Eli's band. cause he's


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