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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

holy crap did i mention i saw the first screening of dark knight?

yeah i know i know - - damn i've been just brag city lately - - - but as you know if you read this poorly updated blog, i haven't always been this bragadocious. it's just when it rains it pours right? either it's my lucky year, or i won the lottery and my prize was keeping my job. (which means more to me than a bunch of cash)

so lets talk about Heath Ledger and Batman!

I can't believe I haven't written about this earlier - - like the day after i saw it?!?!?! jeez, there aren't enough hours or assistants in the day!

So . . . I got an email from my buddy Tim Carhart about the Dark Knight screening Warner Brothers was hosting. i was invited if i could bring somebody famous - - like Jeffree Star etc...

I asked Jeffree Star first, and he said yes - as long as he could get back in time from warped tour. that never happened, so instead I invited my good friend AARON PAUL. you may know him from either BIG LOVE, or he stars in the new A&E show BREAKING BAD. If you haven't seen either of those tv drama / sitcoms - please do! you will love it. especially if you are facinated with religion like me, and people who cook crank is always interesting! haha

The whole place was jam packed! both myself + aaron had to sit 3 rows from the front - and this was in an IMAX theatre - so it was pretty crazzzzzy. We were sitting next to Brett from THE USED, Ashley Tisdale, Brandon Boyd from Incubus, and 4 rows behind me was the BECKHAM clan.

The movie was the best film I've seen in FOREVVVVVVER. It is by far my favorite BATMAN movie - - Heath Ledger will win an OSCAR (duh.) and my only complaint of the whole movie was Christian Bale's Batman Vocoder (which made him sound like a retard. But - you can't win em all!
again - HEATH LEDGER - damn this role was deep - - and yes, super super dark.

I don't want to give anything else away, but if you have any questions let me know - - i can't wait to see the movie again, and probably again. then buy it on dvd.

(direct any comments/concerns/hate mail/loveletters to the comment section - - or email me @
I love feedback, good and bad. so bring it on!

I have to give a big ass THANK YOU to hottie TIM CARHART for hooking us up! It was such a treat to see the 1st screening of DARK KNIGHT, especially when the director is introducing it, and saying he still might have a few edits! haha it was so surreal.

here's a few sneak peaks i found on youtube:

Another trailer

Dark Knight Trailer

DARK KNIGHT 3d Trailer

so basically just RUN, don't walk to the theater now to purchase advance tix. i'm betting this could be the biggest opening weekend in history. . . what do you think? I'd be willing to make a wager . . . anybody want to bet?

for more info on how to get tix, official trailers and what not - - go here:


and thanks to AARON PAUL for being my date, hope you are having a great time filming season 2 of 'BREAKING BAD'.

AARON PAUL + me @ his bday party

here's a video portrait of AARON PAUL from my good buddy TYLER SHIELDS :)

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Monday, July 07, 2008

if you know what's up, join me tonight and every other monday this month . . .





THE GIANTS go on at 11pm every monday, so you better show up before that to get in!

(I WILL BE THERE from open till close as i'm djing between bands)

SO . . . . come join me, sit with me, stalk with me, sing & dance with me please, as this might be the last shot till they are playing stadiums. it might happen sooner than you think, you never know!

(example: around this time last year - - - i was trying to sign/help put together/and book the band METRO STATION. where are they now? lets see . . . . oh yeah top 5 on TRL, top 6 or 7 song, ringtone, & album! WTF!?!? oh and p.s. this is their 1st single. hahahaha. but enough about them . . . )

everyone . . . if you haven't been hip to
AARON BRUNO & his band UNDERTHEINFLUENCEOFGIANTS yet, consider yourself stoked! You will get to jump in on the best shit they have written thus far . . . this guy is so good he turns down offers left and right from HUGE artists like James Blunt!

ohhh emmmm geee i've already said to much. if you don't know, now you know. nuff said. see you there. come say hi to me in the deejay booth! and during the giants set - - i'll be the embarrasing one in the front row - - singing all the words - - dancing like a dork, and just overall giddy as a schoolgirl. yeah i work at a major record label - - but i'm still first and foremost a music FAN. i'll never stop being one.

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