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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i'll take my band with a dash of comedy please . . . here's a few examples


then there's this:


i'm so glad i finally started watching this show! why the hell didn't i?
**super random thought/question for you guys - - is it just me, or did David Bowie have a hugggge member in the movie Labyrinth? it's alot to take in, and should be rewarded for some fine acting . . . and the winner goes to: David Bowie's Penis in the movie LABYRINTH! YAYYYY

**download some tunage then buy the vinyl when you see them play amoeba - - that will be bananapants crazy.
FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS 'Ladies Of The World' (mp3 download)

FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS 'Business Time' (mp3 download)

that last track reminds me of this classic gem from Clarence Carter:



when i'm tired i tend to ramble on - can you tell i'm a bit tired? two more cute videos then i'm taking a catnap. with my cat snickers. she's the best.

Here's a band I played yesterday on



I love the whole album titled 'XOXOXOXOXO' especially the track 320. it's BANGING. I can't believe this is from NYC and not Paris. It has that vibe - but newer fresher stuff than the get it.

Last one . . . have you guys seen this video 'Drivin down the block' by the band KIDS IN THE HALL on MTV2 or SUBTERRANEAN yet?
If not, get to know the Kidz In The Hall from Chicago:

watch the video on the MYSPACE PAGE since youtube is being and not posting the embedded codes. BOO!

If you missed my return to LITTLERADIO yesterday, LARRY from FUTURESOUNDS asked me if I wanted to guest dj on his show! Of course I said HellYa! and played 1 hr + of kick ass new hits. even the band i signed to capitol - dukes of daville!!! get ready for that shit!!
if you want to hear/download the whole show (via mp3/zipfile), you can right click and save this link HEREEEEEE!

and i'm spent. how about you guys just wake me up for hellya@the echo tomorrow, then wake me up again to drive out to Coachella! Zoinks i'm already tired thinking about it! see you in the desert!


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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hell Ya! joins Future Sounds for Little Radio!

oh yeah check this action out:

today was so much fun! i was invited by LARRY LITTLE (FUTURE SOUNDS) to be his guest host / dj for his show on Little Radio!

Tune into

APRIL 22, 2008: 10AM-Noon (Pacific)

1990’s - See You At The Lights – Cookies – Rough Trade/World’s Fair
The Blooms – White Walls – Demos – Unsigned
Blonde Acid Cult – Shake It Loose - Demos – Unsigned
The Hands – Lies Lies Lies – The Hands – Unsigned
The Heavenly States – Lost In The Light – Delayer - The Rebel Group


The Rosewood Thieves – She Don’t Mind The Rain – She Don’t Mind The Rain Single – Unsigned
The Postelles – 123 Stop – New Songs – Retone Records
Electric Touch – Don’t Be Afraid – Demos – Justice Records
White Lies – Death – White Lies – Unsigned
Red Wire Black Wire – Compass – Compass EP – Unsigned


BIRTHDAY DEDICATION: Fleetwood Mac - Sara - Tusk
Girls - Lust For Life - Girls - Unsigned
Honey Claws – Shout Out – Honey Claws – Unsigned
Blonde Acid Cult – Kick The Funk – Demos – Unsigned
The Last Shadow Puppets – The Age Of The Understatement – Domino Recordings


FREAK OUT OF THE WEEK: Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick – Superfuzz Bigmuff
Graveyard – Lost In Confusion – Graveyard – TeePee Records
MaryAndi - Blood On The Steps – Demos - Unsigned
Sebastien Grainger – When You Go Out – Foggy Sea, Foggy Dew- Unsigned


MY JAM OF THE WEEK: Jamie Lidell – Figured Me Out – Jim - Warp Records


SPECIAL GUEST DJ: Heather Peggs of Capitol Music Group/HellYa Deejays
Dukes Of Daville - Beggin' - Early Mixes - Album drops Sept 08 - Capitol Music Group
Eli 'Paperboy' Reed & The True Loves - I'm Gonna Getcha Back - Q Division
Hockey - Too Fake - Mind Chaos - Unsigned


Pittsburgh Slim - Too Bad You're With Him - From DJ Bizzy - Island Def Jam
Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl - You're So Gay - Capitol Music Group
Paper Route - Karousel - Demos - Unsigned


Wallpaper - Limp - T Rex - Eenie Meenie Records
Growlers - Average Man - Greatest sHits 1 - Unsigned
Plushgun - A Crush To Pass The Time - New Tracks - Unsigned


Project Jenny, Project Jan - 320 - XoXoxoxoxox - Unsigned
Hyper Crush Vs. LMFAO - This Is My LIfe - Mixes - Unsigned
Dukes Of Daville - Average Joe - Early Mixes - Capitol Music Group


Secret Band - Song title - ??? - If you know this group, email Heather at Hellya!
The Gray Kid - I'm Around - Brand New Mixes - Unsigned
Venus Infers - In This City - New Songs - Unsigned

Missed the show? Download it right HERE.


Larry Little! Thank you so much for having me come in today - - I love radio. I miss it. I need to do more radio or podcasts - it's so much funnnnnnnnnn!
Just like this new Hell Ya! Banner Emily made:

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new HELL YA! tape logo & another amazing poster! yayyyyyy


HELL YA! has a new CASSETTE TAPE LOGO!! I love it so much. It's PINK! haha
thanks Ivan Minsloff you are soooo talented! i can't wait until I see Hell Ya! Concert Posters up for sale at all the poster conventions and amoeba etc... that will be so exciting if they eventually inspire other kids, as bill graham presents (from the filmore posters) has inspired me.

and turns out we have another rediculously amazing poster for Girl School / Hell Ya! @ the Viper Room. it's another Ben Tegel masterpiece . . .

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wanna hear some hit songs?

then tune into WWW.LITTLERADIO.COM today and listen from 10am - Noon!

Larry Little (FUTURESOUNDS) invited me to guest dj on his show today!

WOOHOO - you guys know how much i love to hear myself talk - - - and laugh - - and play the hits!

so check me + larry out - and if you don't like what you hear - - then i'll give you your full refund.


HELL YA! Heather Peggs on TODAY! probably around (11am - noon) i'm late to everything - so i had to take the latter shift!

playlist will be posted later if i remember . . ..


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Monday, April 21, 2008

wow check out the new Hell Ya gig poster for this thursday . . . damn it's good stuff

check out the poster! yay! so excited for the show guys :)


ivan minsloff is the artist - and evan volk is badass for finding him. (since evan came on board to work for me @ hell ya - we are expanding like crazy. thanks for getting my shit together evan - anyone that can deal with me 24/7 deserves a prize.)

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