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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

longest week ever . . . is it friday yet? I'm DJING this BMI thingy - come by!

BMI asked me to DJ tonight - WOOHOO. My name is on the flyer and everything! but now i look pretty lame for a DJ name compared to DJ MAGENIUS! Way to make me look bad JOE!!!

haha jk.

after this I'm heading over to the Capitol / EMI party and such . . . thennnnnn i'm sleeping.

it feels like i haven't slept since the first hell ya night last week.

but all 3 hell ya nights were ridiculously amazing - and STAR STUDDED - last night Mila Kunis and Macauley Caulkin were there - - - - WTF! (i wanted to ask her for SETH MACFARLANE's NUMBER!!!!! I LOVE HIM!) and for the Man Like Me Hell Ya! night apparently SPANKROCK was there - WTF X 2!! and for the Hotel Cafe Hell Ya! I ran into THE VINES, JET, Imarobot, etc . .. basically it was rockstar usa.

i should be in perez or some shit. or at least have my own reality show. come on peeps. hookitup! :)

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KROQ Acoustic Xmas Night 2 Recap! + a really funny on-air bit from my kroq days . . .

When I heard the lineup for Night 2 of the KROQ Almost Acoustic Xmas I just about pissed my pants! Did someone forget to tell me that I booked this concert while I was sleeping? It has all my favorite bands!?!??!!? and it's a KROQ show???? HUH!?!?! HELLLL to the YAAAAA.
(especially MUSE Headling! CHECK, The KILLERS as a secret! CHECK, & my favorite . . . . SILVERSUN PICKUPS!!) BEST. LINEUP. EVER.

Check out this video KROQ made displaying the lineup for night 2!

KROQ ACOUSTIC XMAS Lineup Video Promo!

here's my 50cent recap:

Best band of the night (if not the WORLD) is of course . . . MUSE! (duh!)


Nobody can touch Muse. Yep, you heard me. NOBODY. Have you seen his custom made guitars? They have crazy mood ring color changing Mouse pad's on them - don't know what the hell they do, but I want one!!! Matt Bellamy is part Genius, part mad Scientist, and part Beethoven. (or maybe he's just from a different planet!)

***Random Muse Fun Fact! Did you know the first thing Matt Bellamy bought once he got his money from the record deal? He spends thousands of dollars on a JET PACK!!! HAHA. How crazy is that!?!?

The other main reason I loved this show so much was . . . SILVERSUN MUTHERFUCKIN PICKUPS!!!!!

I'm swearing because I just love them so much. They are the only band I've ever wanted to actually 'join' back in the day. check out this really rough demo of Kissing Families that I would always put on mix cd's to give to the program director . . . Click HERE.

**BTW if you are a new reader to my blog - I worked for the World Famous KROQ for 5 years!! I will always love KROQ. In fact, here is something you will laugh reallllllly hard if you check it out - - it is what people remember the MOST about all of my on-air bits, interfviews, etc . . . THIS story is what I get asked about ALL THE TIME. and YES, it is REAL. With that said, here we go:
HEATHER aka 'Gumby' vs. Gary Coleman (Kevin & Bean Morning Show)
(download via yousendit)

Poor Gary Coleman! I felt so bad, but it was reallllllly funny. And DAMN good radio. But, I'm probably going to hell for it. haha.

a huuuuuuuuuge thank you to AMY STEVENS again. youareamazingandican'tbelievetheseatsyougaveme. youarethebest. xoxoxo

Monday, December 10, 2007

Hell Ya! Tonight @ the Echo w/ CHRIS GARNEAU & Miniature Tigers!!! and it's FREEEE

oh man i am sooooo tired. i have had the busiest week ever. 3 hell ya nights in 6 days, plus concerts every other day. last night - KROQ acoustic xmas - maddness! it was the best acoustic I've ever seen - - more on that later!

HELL YA! Tonight @ the ECHO:

Lineup is:


11 pm - CHRIS GARNEAU!!!


Miniature Tigers Blog

See you tonight! it's 18+ over - and if you are 21+ it's FREEEEEEEEE


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