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Friday, October 31, 2008

Dukes Of Daville on the small screen + Happy Halloween!

Hello Family & Friends!

DUKES OF DAVILLE got a huge TV placement and it aired LAST NIGHT! I missed it, thank goodness for TIVO + YOUTUBE!

The song is called "CRY BABY"

Watch the video here (it's off ABC so you have to sit through an ad, but the link is directly at the synch!)

I've been getting emails alllll day about the song, check out this email from a fan!!!

From: "Amy Varner"
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 18:06:42 -0400
Subject: Dukes of Daville


My eyes are burning from searching the Internet for 2 hours now looking for anywhere to buy or download “Cry Baby” by Dukes of Daville. I see your name attached everywhere in the 5000 blogs I have read on the band now.

Can you help me? I would buy an entire CD of theirs if it was out there.


Amy in Charlotte, NC

Dukes of Daville were getting hit up soooo much with people asking for the music they they posted a mini blog "when will the album be out???"

The album MILLENNIUM MUSIC will be released in spring of 2009, in the mean time look out for the WE ARE MUSIC mixtape available very soon!!!

Thx for reading, Happy Halloween, and of course.... Hell Ya!


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