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Friday, June 06, 2008


Hell Ya! freaking loves you and also freaking loves POP LEVI - so to celebrate the two, we are giving out 4 pretty pairs of tickets to see POP LEVI and Frog Eyes featuring Thailand for Saturday night at The Echo!

If you haven't already experienced the genius that is the song "Dita Dimone" then get yerself over to and make your ears happy.

All YOU have to do to enter the drawing is to e-mail me at and put in the subject line "POP LEVI @ THE ECHO"... if you like you can also include some great story about why we should choose you to go, but if you aren't feeling creative giving your name and contact info will be just fine.

Get Goin!!!

See you tomorrow! Heather and Evan will be front and center at the show dancin' so come join!


i could probably do MGMT's set onstage with them by now . . . .

****another bragging post alert****

Yeppers I did make it to see MGMT on wednesday . . .

MGMT were playing a secret party thingy @ the Avalon. I heard through fellow HellYa!Deejay Kelsea (who is always the one that finds out about all things secret and awesome / ala NKOTB!)

so it's the 11th hour, here are my 2 options - - which do you suppose i did?

a) not be a douche, suck it up and just go home and wonder what i am missing . . .


b) be a total douche and ask for tix at the last minute. and it's super sold out. bonus.

so of course i chose B! haha.
if it was anybody other than AMANDA WALK @ COLUMBIA i wouldn't have been this stupid. so please kids reading this - - hard work does pay off - and if you stay in the biz long enough - you can make a request like this without getting your ass kicked or fired . . .
AWALK is a real friend, not just an industry hookup. I could probably call her from JAIL and she would bail me out - - - that's how much she rules. :)

this is amanda - if you see her - - give her a hug or a high five. cause she rules.

MGMT just keep getting better and better every time I've seen them. I started out as a hater - - then slowly turned - - but the 3rd show I was begging LIZ @ the Echoplex to let me DJ the MGMT/Yeasayer show. Which i did, and it was mindblowing! THANK YOU as always amanda - - how'd you like my Hell Ya! mix? (minus the tracklisting haha)

we ran into Mischa Barton outside and I walked right up to her and said 'you are really beautiful!' cause she is! (and NO MOM i'm still not a Lesbian) but thank goodness she was wearing pants, as i hear she has a case of some serious cellulite. WTF?
don't worry Mischa! it could be worse! Lucky you didn't get stuck with butterface! she's pretty much perfect, but i'm glad to know that she is flawed too! she should keep that shit under wraps! literally!

overall MGMT=awesome
HUGE props to MAUREEN KENNY is pretty amazing at her job - - she signed both MGMT and METRO STATION this past year! CONGRATS MAUREEN! It's so great to see women kicking ass in the biz. GIRL POWER!

(**sidenote - METRO STATION is now #9 on TRL!!! Damn!! Remember when I booked them to play Hell Ya! night and they played right after BECK?!?!? That was bananas. And since half of the band was 17 at the time, they didn't realize how cool that show was for them. they will always be able to say BECK opened up for THEM. HAHAHA. hellya.)



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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

sunday and monday - - best days ever? first MTV Movie Awards - - - then COLDPLAY! HELLYA.

so yeah every once and a while you have a revelation - - or at least i do - - and i just ponder on how freakin AWESOME my life is sometimes!

does that ever happen to you? well i am constantly thanking my lucky stars at where i am today, but i didn't get here on just luck. i know some of you out there must just hate me - - - as it seems i'm always bragging about something awesome that i'm up to, or going to, or about to do - - yadada

anywhoo - - this is one of those posts! so if you hate when i starting bragging - - just skip this post altogether. haha

here's a bunch of reasons why this past SUNDAY and MONDAY kicked major ass:


1) MY BAND I got signed to Capitol Records DUKES OF DAVILLE was featured in the MTV MOVIE AWARDS.
**BIGGGGG ASSS THANK YOU TO BEN @ MTV - he was the one responsible for pitching dukes to his producer bosses, so he RULES. He has excellent taste in music, and p.s. he's really really hot too! bonus!)

2) I ended up getting TICKETS to the MTV MOVIE AWARDS at the last minute!
**BIGGGGG ASSS HUGE THANK YOU TO MITCHELL FRANK (mayor of silverlake / ala he basically started all things spaceland/echo/malo/etc.....)

here were some highlights of the MTV MOVIE AWARDS - - which were surprisingly very good - - funny - - and it was sooooo exciting to see the band I signed being played when Zac Efron won for 'Breakthrough Performance' for his role in HAIRSPRAY:

DUKES OF DAVILLE played during MTV MOVIE AWARDS! (via youtube)


here's my other favorite moment of the show - - this was genius - - Wayne & Garth re-unite for WAYNE'S WORLD! YAYYYYYY

WAYNES WORLD clip from Movie Awards (first appearance in 14 yrs!!!) (via youtube)


Watch the whole show via MTV ON-DEMAND HERE

and after all that - - how could it get any better?


3) Mostly everyone that knows me and reads this blog should know I work for Capitol Records - - one of the main reasons I work there is because of the band COLDPLAY. Coldplay, Radiohead, & of course THE BEATLES. So - - - it was a great surprise to be invited to attend the COLDPLAY show @ JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE.

this was very exciting as I actually attended COLDPLAY @ JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE the first time around which was JIMMY KIMMEL's FIRST SHOW! (this was when I worked @ KROQ, and my former boss - who taught me everything i know - AMY STEVENS was the one that booked Coldplay - - like in 1 day or something! It was bananas. Superbowl sunday, they closed off the streets - - just jam packed full of action.

This time around - - it felt more intimate - - maybe since I was about 2 feet away from the band! hahahaha
I took this photo with my IPHONE:

MY IPHONE TOOK THIS PHOTO! Chris Martin - - right in front of me!

yep. be jealous. my life rules this week. but i do in fact work hard for the money. i go big - or i don't go at all.
hard work does pay off - and no matter what - i still turn into a superduper dorky fan when i see bands like COLDPLAY/RADIOHEAD up close in person. This was very special, and I think you MAGGIE SIKKENS for giving me your ticket - - I have great friends (just in this post - i'm thanking BEN @ MTV, MITCHELL @ SPACELAND, MAGGIE @ CAPITOL, damn - - i got HOOKED UP this week!

Hell Ya!
and despite what anyone says - - i can't wait to hear the new coldplay record - - it doesn't matter if they don't have huge radio 'singles' = = if coldplay pooped in a bag - - i would probably buy it. haha.


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Monday, June 02, 2008

Hell Ya! Heather Peggs Birthday Re-Cap

A big thank you to those of you who made it out to Miss Peggs' birthday Friday before last.

The highlights of the evening are countless so we'll let the photos from the night do most of the talking... there was plenty of dancing, singing, drinking, hugging, kissing and yes even a frighteningly large banana.

There were also some stellar performances by Illegal Substance, Hockey, The Growlers and special guests DUKES OF DAVILLE!!

Here are some of the best shots of the night... and click the link just below to check out the rest of the photos from the magnificent TommyB.


If you werent able to make it... you should begin kicking yourself - if you havent already :)

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