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Friday, November 21, 2008

JEFFREE STAR 'Lollipop Luxury' feat. NICKI MINAJ!


OMG I'm SO excited about this!!! This is the hottest remix ever!!!!!

Jeffree Star's EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE of 'LOLLIPOP LUXURY' featuring Nicki Minaj- Little Wayne's first signing to Young Money/Cash Money Records - the hottest new female rapper about to explode on the scene!!!

This track is
.....SO HOT....

REALLY IT'S SOOOO GOOOD I can't even take it. 

Jeffree has been so amazing to work with, his work ethic + passion + drive = success.  I'm glad I got to be a part of this chapter in his life, as I have no doubt that he will become a massive force in the music biz.  
get ready guys- THIS SHIT IS BANANAS!!!

'Fuck me - I'm a celebrity!

'tell me how you want it done - at the mall - in the hall on your mama's bedroom wall....'

(*hahaha remember Jstar was arrested for bringing his knife to LAX!)

"Heather Peggs & Mike Caren, you make me wetter then a swimming pool.  Hell Ya!"
         - Jeffree's blog
Right back at ya!!! 

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

it's my blog, and i'll brag if i want to . . . did someone say METRO STATION? yep, I did!

there is a assload of blogs out there which constantly pat themselves on the back . . . mostly for blogging early on unknown artists that end up breaking into the mainstream.   who doesn't like a good 'HEY I TOLD YA SO!' every now and again?  i'd like to take this opportunity to 'toot' my own horn, because i can.  i'm good enough, i'm smart enough . . . and you know what?  people like me. lady sovereign said it best
'love me or hate me - it's still an obsession... 
love me or hate me - that is the question... 
if you love me then - - thank you!  
if you hate me then - - FUCK YOU' 

- LADY SOVEREIGN (lyrics from her track appropriately named 'love me or hate me'
i'm about to talk yet again about METRO STATION.  look at them now.  crazyyyyyyshiz.  wish i coulda signed that one huh?  i tried.  but it wasn't meant to be...... plus the bigger they get, the better i look i guess.  i'll keep telling myself that when they are all buying HOUSES and i'm struggling to pay for my health insurance....  haha.

if you are a band signed to a major record label, one clue that you are a high priority is having a TRAILER for your upcoming MUSIC VIDEO!  yep, you read that right . . . it's a TRAILER, for the new VIDEO for the 3rd single 'SEVENTEEN FOREVER'.  Pretty crazy, as I haven't even seen BRITNEY have a trailer for a music video.....

i'm speechless.  lets take a look shall we?  

good times.  is the radio voice guy really necessary?  thoughts?  i am excited to see the finished product . . . guess i'll be tuning into FNMTV right?  December 5th?  Only on MTV.  Gotcha.  Thx big voice guy!

i was here at this video shoot, and it was really fun to see how far they have come in such a short time. the set was realllllly far, in the BOOOONIES.  kinda sketchy, like i was an extra in a cohen bros movie or something . . . i got lost 4 times trying to find the DIRT road in Valencia.  didn't realize i should have taken my HUM V or JEEP Wrangler for the all terrain.  i can't wait to see the finished production, which includes a few of the family members of the band . . . some more famous than others!  and yes, i'm talking baby oprah here - - MILEY CYRUS herself and daddy BILLY RAY both guest in this video.  and NO, you may not have my autographed 8X10 of Hannah Montana.  that one is all MINE.  I do however have a shitload of METRO STATION SIGNED POSTERS to give away . . . how about the first 3 people that comment back to me here on this blog will get a metro station poster - - signed by every member of the band, way before they were famous.  i made sure to lock down a good number of them, but i'm saving those puppies to sell on EBAY when they become bigger than the jonas bros.  yeah that's right i said it.  bigger than jonas bros.  that's all for now.  

look out for intern ELISSA who is also in the video - - she pretty much got a starring role - and i'm very excited to see her video acting debut.  :) she is seventeen forever, and as big of a fan as i am.  


(*correction. cough cough wink ... elissa is actually 18 forever, as child labor laws prohibit a minor to film without parents yada yada.... so yeah.  she's 18.  18 forever sounds better anyways, sounds legal instead of to catch a predator.... ha)

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Monday, November 17, 2008

my new favorite songs + name that artist contest + more DUKES OF DAVILLE!

i can't stop listening to these 2 new tracks . . . both of these i shouldn't share, as my day job is doing A&R for a major record label.  but..... I usually leak everything anyways because it can only HELP matters not HURT them.  F-it!  I live every day like it's SHARK WEEK!!!!  hahaha!! 
'The Only Way To Know What A Line Is, Is To Cross It.'
can i get an AMEN?  yes we can!  oh and of course HELLYA!  :) 

SOOOOOO, here's the 2 tracks I've had on repeat all day long.......shhhhhhhhh!
If anybody can tell me who sings either of the 2 hits, i'll give you a prize.  or hire you to scout for ME.  

what's the prize you ask?  well, i'm not quite sure yet, but it will be f-ing awesome....... new hellya! mix maybe?  special limited edition vinyl i might steal from an employer perhaps?  mafia tour of capitol records?  hmmmmm what else . . . oh maybe some quality one on one time with yours truly?  haha.  that made me laugh and i'm the one writing this hardly updated music blog.....

here's the first:

NAME THIS FUTURE HIT SONG (download via yousendit)

NAME THAT SONGWRITER/PRODUCER (download via yousendit)

and here's a BONUS!  

DUKES OF DAVILLE have a few tracks to share - - i just have to - - i know i work for 'the man' but i can't help pushing a few tracks, as i keep getting hit up left and right with people wanting to buy the dukes album....

the album drops this summer, but in the meantime here are a few tracks that won't appear on the album..... consider yourself stoked!   all of these links are via yousendit.  good times.  

and the world premier of the brand new track RIC/JAMES (yes it's true, one is ric and one is james)  busted out for our new PREZ OBAMA!  YAYYYYYYY!!!

and if you want more..... search for them on youtube and clickety click away!  yay!

ok, blog time is over.... time to go back to work!  i'm still in the office, all alone, and it's pretty awesome.  
and in case you were wondering why i'm still at work at 11:15 pm, the answer is . . . YES, i'm a vampire.  


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