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Friday, January 25, 2008

sorry i've been MIA - here's a quick update + next HELL YA! Night info!

Yep. I've been a bad blogger. I slack so f-ing bad as a blogger - I should go to blogger detention. Anyways, I do have a bunch of excuses I could throw at you on why I've been absent, like - my dog ate my homework yada yada, but I'd rather cut to the chase and tell you what's happening now.

Hell Ya! nights in the next few months are going to be JAM PACKED full of action. Including a huge addition - my former employer - the world famous KROQ is Presenting the next 2 Hell Ya! Nights! WOAH WTF THAT IS HUGE RIGHT?!??! Can I get a Hell Ya!? I'm stoked! They are giving away tix, Kat is playing the local band action on air on Locals Only, etc. .....

Huge. Good F-ing Times.

SO here is the first installment of KROQ Locals Only Presents HELL YA! @ The Echo!

Yep. Be there. Hazelden, Shwayze, Cisco, Pittsburgh Slim - Lisa (from America's Next Top Model! Yeah I watch that show!) what more do you need?
It's $5 for everybody, 18+ and of course Hell Ya! Deejays spinning between sets. There might even be a surprise performance, who knows! Tell your friends.

Then . . . barely a week later is the next Hell Ya! night which is going to be so freakin sweet. More details to follow . . . I should focus on 1 Hell Ya! night at a time, but here is a teaser:
watch this video! Be there or be a s-q-u-a-r-e

HELL YA! / GIRLS SCHOOL @ the Viper Room February 7th, 2008! BOOYA!

SO . . . . Come to HELL YA! night January 31st, I hear MTV will be filming so get your mug presentable for on-air camera face time. :)
Plus the lineup is killer! PITTSBURGH SLIM - - HOTNESS - WHAT!? I'm so excited . . . this video expresses how excited I am!!!

Clarence Carter - Strokin' via youtube

STROKIN! woohoo!

So yeah, moral of this story/blog is . . . HELL YA! has been busy booking some solid shows and you should not miss out on this action!!

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