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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Seth Green Defending Chris Crocker (crazybritneyfan) Defending Britney Spears

HA! It did make the SOUP. YAY. This crazy Britney fan (CHRIS COCKER) is EVERYWHERE! Here's Seth Green's parody of the youtube sensation. Genius.

SETH GREEN says LEAVE CHRIS COCKER ALONE! (via youtube/the soup)


Speaking of funny videos, here's my new favorite clip from FAMILY GUY!

PETER GRIFFIN 'ELECTRIC MAN' (youtube/familyguy)

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Friday, September 14, 2007

HELL YA! Hit Of The Day - CALVIN HARRIS 'Merrymaking At My Place'

Calvin Harris is playing TONIGHT @ the ECHOPLEX. GOOD TIMES.

Yep, he's only 23, very talented, and apparently he created disco . . . I love a huge ego with my rockstars. :) You should remember the name, as you may want to drop it sometime when you want to look cool when asked what you are listening to . . . It seems even Kanye West stole his sunglasses to complete his new hipster look.

CALVIN HARRIS 'Merrymaking At My Place' Youtube Video

and here's a different track by Calvin for download:
CALVIN HARRIS 'COLOURS' (mp3 via yousendit)

and here's a video of somebody who thinks too much into the Calvin Harris song 'Acceptable in the 80's'

This Guy Rules. Ha Ha.


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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hell Ya! Hit Of The Day - ALI LOVE 'Late Night Session'

This song just makes me want to dance . . . get ready for Ali Love! He is already going strong in the UK, playing club YOYO, championed by POPJUSTICE, touring with Mark Ronson, nuff said!

ALI LOVE 'Late Night Session' youtube video


I'm fearful of posting an mp3 from any artist on a major label these days . . . but I know of OTHER SITES that take more risks.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

WOW - this bitch is crazy - even compared to Britney!

OK . . . PUT THE PIPE DOWN! This crazy bitch is even more embarrassing than Britney!
Your 15 min starts . . . . NOW!

It's a CRAZY BITCH defending BRITNEY'S HONOR! via youtube

See you on THE SOUP!

Thanks AmandaWalk for the video! Priceless!


HELL YA! Hit Of The Day - 50 Cent 'AYO Technology' feat. Justin Timberlake

50 Cent AYO Technology (feat. Justin Timberlake) youtube video

to be honest, i'm more of a Kanye West fan than 50 Cent, but this track is undeniable. Plus anything including JT & Timbaland is a guaranteed Hit by my standards.

I wonder who will sell more records . . . Kanye or 50? My bet would be on Kanye, what do you think?

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HOT HOT HEAT making the album HAPPINESS LTD.

I can't wait to see HOT HOT HEAT tonight @ Cinespace. You with me? I found these videos documenting Hot Hot Heat while recording HAPPINESS LTD. So hilarious and amazing.
Check it out:

HOT HOT HEAT making the album Part 1

HOT HOT HEAT making the album Part 2

HOT HOT HEAT making the album Part 3

HOT HOT HEAT making the album Part 4

HOT HOT HEAT making the album Part 5

CONGRATS HHH for making a great album - everybody go buy it! If any band deserves to realllly make it - it's these guys. xoxoxo

Oh yeah and if you want to hear the new METRO STATION album early click HERE.

Want to hear the new JAMES BLUNT click HERE. Listen to my favorite song called 'I Really Want You'. SOOO GOOD.

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HELL YA! is Sept. 27th w/ SAM SPARRO!

HELL YA! Night @ the ECHO - September 27th

(18+ / $5) (21+ / FREE!)
DOORS @ 8:30 pm




****CORRECTION - DELTA SPIRIT is no longer on the bill, due to family obligations. Standby for another band to get added on the bill . . . any suggestions - leave a comment!

11pm - THE CHAIN GANG OF 1974

THE CHAIN GANG of 1974 Myspace





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Monday, September 10, 2007

HELL YA! Hit Of The Day - EAGLE SEAGULL 'I'mSorryButI'mBeginningToHateYourFace'


Eagle Seagull are from Nebraska and have my vote for favorite Band name + Song Title of the year! (They might have had 'song of the year' too if it weren't for the long ass indie-outro ending! o well - i just skip over it and hit repeat anyways!)
THIS SONG IS SO GOOD I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO IT! It's addicting like SPOON 'I Turn My Camera On'. I've even caught myself air-drumming to this song . . . which is extra embarrassing. Consider yourself warned!

EAGLE SEAGULL 'I'm Sorry But I'm Beginning To Hate Your Face' mp3 *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!*

Eagle Seagull was big on the Blogosphere from their last album. It was WAYYYYYYYYYYY too Indie for me, as are most bands charting in the top 10 on & hype machine. I look at blog aggregator charts only to see what I should stay away from!

I predict some big-time Critical Indier Than Thou Acclaim when this album drops.
I hope to book this band for a HELL YA! night or BOYS CLUB! when they come through LA.


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R.I.P. Back To The Future Ride

Say it isn't so!

'Back to the Future' Ride Bound for Past
Sep 3, 6:20 AM EST

The Associated Press

LOS ANGELES -- A ride that took theme park visitors "Back to the Future" is about to be relegated to the past.

The Universal Studios Hollywood ride based on the film trilogy starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd was taking its final passengers Monday. It was closing to make room for a new "Simpsons" attraction.

"Back to the Future — The Ride," was the theme park's first high-technology thrill ride when it opened in 1993.

Passengers were strapped into a moving carriage — modeled after the film's DeLorean time machine — in front of a film projected on a domed screen, which gave the illusion of flight.

The new ride based on "The Simpsons" TV series will debut next year, theme park officials said.

NOOOOOO! This was my favorite ride at Disney!! (*CORRECTION - I Meant . . . Universal Studios . . Thanks Phil!) So Sad. :(

Looks like I'll have to reach out to this guy:

Maybe he knows where I can get a hoverboard!

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

James Blunt Parody's himself on Sesame Street

JAMES BLUNT on SESAME STREET (youtube video)

this is super cute, but i'm afraid i like this parody of 'You're Beautiful' a bit better:


JAMES BLUNT '1973' (TONG & SPOON Remix) Download Via Sendspace

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