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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Can I get a do-over for today please? Hell Ya! is tonight w/ Nico Vega! (small lineup change) + INTERN Kevin drops the ball!

HELL YA! (Revised Lineup)

Today is one of those days where I can't just get a break . . . I was on my way back from NASHVILLE this morning - and of course - I JUST missed the courtesy shuttle to the airport by 2 minutes!!! DOH! That was my warning of how my day was going to go . . .

Then, I get back into LA, and have 4 frantic emails and voicemail messages from the opening band on HELL YA! Night tonight. Turns out - BILLIONAIRES drummer just got out of Surgery this morning. 15 stiches on his hand. Bummer that he needs that hand to DRUM. Also a bummer that this was the FIRST HELL YA! Night where I only booked 3 bands instead of 4. Zoinks.

To recap, so far, I've had NO sleep, missed my ride to the airport, had to book a band to fill in last minute (day of show bookings SUCK!)
Luckily Mastin came through and I booked EMILY BURGESS in the opening spot . . . Pheeew.

Then, my Blackberry decides to take a dump. All my emails. Not going through. Good times. I reset, check if my bill is paid, fiddle with my Sim card, NO DICE. WTF. My work email is still working - but only if I'm IN THE OFFICE. GRRRRR. Why God?!?!?!

Last one - this is the kicker! Hilarious! I just sent out my reminder HELL YA! Email blast (a minute ago - that's 20 min before doors! haha)
In the email I mention for everyone to say hello to our FIRST HELL YA! INTERN! YAYYYYYYYYY HELL YA! Is so legit - that we have a working INTERN!

I send the email blast - including a big shout-out to our first official HELL YA! INTERN KEVIN! (basically telling peeps to make him feel welcome at the door - make sure to say hello, etc . . . )
I press SEND, and instantly I get this: from


"Heather, I totally forgot to email you. Something came up totally important with my family. I had to come straight home from work."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA "Totally Important" - Right. Are you skipping Hell Ya! Night to watch American Idol Gives Back show? Grey's Anatomy? Better internship? Doctors excuse? Dog ate your homework? Ran out of Gas? O well. It's a funny story really. Our first Intern bails on us - 1st day on the job!!! We RULE!!!!

So . . . can I get a do-over please? Just start from the top of today . . . 6am.

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