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Saturday, August 18, 2007

HELL YA! is Thursday, August 23rd @ the Echo!

Hell Ya! Night is next Thursday, August 23rd @ the ECHO.

Doors @ 8:00pm (21+ FREE / 18+ $5)

Here's the Lineup:

8:30 pm - ANY DAY NOW




10:30 pm - MAXEEN






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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

WOOOHOOO today kicked ass!! Plus Hell Ya! Hit Of The Day!

this is what i feel like right now (minus the mullet and unicycle)

I had an amazing today today. I can't stop smiling. First off, after 3 years of working at a major record label, as of TODAY, I signed my first band! This is HUGGGE news, especially because it was a band that I SIGNED to my own indie record label! HELL YA! Records!

So that's a double YAYYY. If you haven't listened to Dukes Of Daville already, check it out now!

Dukes Of Daville Myspace

Listen to 'Steady' and hopefully you will be hearing it over and over by this time next year . . .

On top of finally feeling validated at my job by signing my first band to Capitol, I am super excited to see my boyfriend tomorrow - who has been touring for nearly a month. (dating a musician is really HARD!) I'm constantly missing him, but it is true that distance makes the heart grow fonder. I would rather been in a hard situation with him, than an easy situation with somebody else.

I'm going to try to start a new feature on this blog called SONG OF THE DAY. This may or may not happen every day, but only when I hear a song that makes me compelled enought to write about it! So . . . first up is a shocker. Stay with me.
Have you heard the new Linkin Park single called 'Shadow Of The Day'? I heard on KROQ today and fell in love with the song before I realized it was Linkin Park!! HAHA. By the time I figured it out, I was already sold and ready to hear it on repeat. Who is responsible for this gem? Why Rick Rubin of course!! He did it again! How did he turn a band I wrote off years ago, into a band I put on my Hell Ya! mixes and blog?!? Same thing happened when I heard the Dixie Chicks.

Since I can't post the track, I found a youtube link that plays the song over a Linkin Park logo - take a listen here:

Linkin Park 'Shadow of the Day'

Speaking of bands I usually make fun of . . . have you heard the new BRAVERY single? It's called "Believe" and it's really good. They got my 99cents today as well!

**shameless buddy shout out/plug:
Happy B-day Mollie Moore!!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Watch This Video Now! Paul Potts singing Opera! A-MAZING!

Wow. I wasn't prepared for this video . . . even though I was warned I might cry! (thanks Mollie & Melrose!)

This video is so amazing I had to watch it 3 times! I'm not much of an Opera fan, but after seeing this clip, Paul Potts is my new hero.

PAUL POTTS Sings Opera - Britain's Got Talent video

I hope Simon Cowell and co. make Paul Potts quit his day-job selling cell phones & put him on stage where he belongs. :)

*Edit - After watching every Youtube clip of Paul Potts, I find out he WINS the whole Competition!!! YAYYYYY. Thank goodness. He'll be the next Pavarotti!

P.S. HI DAD! Hope your surgery went well, good luck with the physical therapy! looking forward to running laps with you when I come home for christmas! hahaha ;)
Love you!! xoxoxoxo

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