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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

this is just getting rediculous . . . i guess i could say i told ya so. woot!

yeah so i really love when i get to 'toot my own horn' when it comes to predicting future hit songs, and bands about to break. well actually that is what i get paid to do, so i should be good at it. it's a matter of how MUCH i get to do.

i can't wait till one day i will be able to sign all the passion projects i pitch, such as ERIC HUTCHINSON, SILVERSUN PICKUPS, DAN LE SAC VS. SCROOBIUS PIP, PLUSHGUN, FRANKMUSIK, MAN LIKE ME, etc . . . you get the hint.

I have been seeing INGRID MICHAELSON all over the place lately - - - this makes me laugh and smile really big. you might not believe me on this one, so I've emailed Ingrid to confirm this. I got her cd way back before she got her first TV placements. I read about her on a blog, and fell in love with the cd. It's just one of those cd's that you can't take off. I listened to it all the way through, and she was different. she had swagger, and a natural voice that spoke to me. and most of all I believed her.

I reached out to her, and apparently I was the first industry person to do so, and she emailed asking me if she could ask me questions and advice. Of course I love to hear myself talk - - haha - especially when it comes to the music biz. So I called her and we talked for about an hour, and I reccomended a few great NYC lawyers, yada yada and other good stuff.

Cut to now, and she is ubersuccessfull. I ran into her after her Hotel Cafe show, and I asked if she still had that initial email exchange, as I would love to save it for the book someday. I love to compile stuff like that, just incase.

So Ingrid, Congrats!!!!! It couldn't happen to a nicer girl. I'm so excited for you, and I hope I can still get a ticket to your next LA show @ the Troub on Jan 24th. HAHA It's probably sold out by now -- but if you haven't seen her or heard her tunes on VH1, Greys Anatomy, Old Navy, etc... then wake up and smell the freakin coffee!!!


Ingrid Michaelson Myspace

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Hell Ya! Ingrid! Woot!

oh yeah and check out my new hair do - - - it's pretty fun! i'm excited! what do you think???

Oh yeah did anybody see KATE NASH last night at the troub? I would have gone but 1) it was sold out, and 2) i've already seen her at club YO YO in london which was pretty sweet.

KATE NASH 'FOUNDATIONS' played live on Jools Holland


I'm very curious as to how the show went . . . Found is a huge hit song - but is she great live? She wasn't when I saw her. I LOOOOOOVE the song, but I remember thinking she was nothing special live. (but that was also over 1 yr ago)
COmments please - what do you think of Ingrid, my new hair (haha i'm so vain now!), and do you like KATE NASH?


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