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Saturday, April 19, 2008

national record store day, jewish for the day, and i think i heard my mom say she's going to vote? wtf?!?!


so not only is it my annual JBA day for me (as I'm Jewish by association!) my bf and legal eagle Leslie Frank (she also is referred to my hot lawyer, and most recently 'assistant wedding dj') always includes me in her family events - and I love it. I'm taking Evan with me today - - this will be fun. I won't be the newest JBA at the table!

so i guess today i will try to save my money unless i'm spending it on records? that sounds right . . .

i spent enough last night - - i bought 4 more pieces of vinyl (all the same 7" from ELI 'Paperboy' REED and the True Loves!) I'm such a nerdy vinyl collector. Well - - not just vinyl. I am a serious collector of Hard Rock Cafe Guitar Pins & Concert Posters.

me & kelsea had a kickass time seeing MGMT downtown then went to the OC to check ELI Paperboy REED since I missed his show thursday @ the Echo. *I missed the Echo show because I had to see Iglu & Hartly of course @ the totally 90's party (where I dressed like it was more 80's mixed with rainbow bright. haha) i wish i could dress like this every day!


DUFFY is really hot. youtube video for 'Mercy'

(no mom i'm still not a lesbian)

#)$*&@#)$@^@#($&# OH Speaking of MOM - - looks like the shit is hitting the fan - - because yesterday I swear I heard my mom tell me she was going to vote this year - - - and that she was voting for either Obama or Hilary! DAMN! She is registered as a Republican, so she can't vote in this Pennsylvania Primary, but huge progress still! Both of my parents still live in PIttsburgh, PA. YOU GUYS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! keep it up!
Now i have to take my own advice and finally get off my ass and vote myself!

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Friday, April 18, 2008

HAPPY B-DAY MOM! Plus more awesome videos and even more pointless babbling . . .

HAPPY B-DAY MOM!!! Love you! Why don't you just go crazy and have yourself a fuzzy navel or a few screwdrivers @ dinner!?!? smoke a joint before bed, go sing kareoke, hit the strip club on your way home etc.... hahahahahaha. jk. i'm not familiar with any of the above, nor condone it. (FYI: both of my parents are conservative, christian, no swearing, drinking, smoking, etc. . . hence making this funny! now i work in rock n' roll, and my brother jumps out of planes everyday. hahaha)

i just came across some cool stuff on the world wide web that is notable and worth sharing . . . like these behind the scenes videos w/ superduper star SAM SPARRO @ both of his video shoots for his #2 Hit Song "BLACK & GOLD".

SAM SPARRO is amazing behind the scenes too! (Making of "Black & Gold" video #1)

SAM SPARRO is still f-ing awesome with a huge ass budget (Making of "Black & Gold" #2)

oh yeah and i think this gameshow rules - - i would really kick ass at this game, as I'm an acrobat and contortionist. true story.

also i love playing Tetris.


speaking of awesome shit from Japan - - someone please buy me this thing. it's so cute. Evan turned me onto this thing via his myspace blog - - it's called the ROLLY. and it's amazingly cute.

ROLLY - new sony dancing mp3 player from japan
p.s. how rediculous is the song they use in this commercial - - zoinks. that shit is super retarded. can't sony come up with a better song for Rolly to dance to?

like this one:

HYPER CRUSH vs. LMFAO making of 'This Is My Life'
listen for my super loud possibly annoying laughter at the end of the video . . . it's good stuff.

did you see 30 rock last night?
I almost pissed my pants when Tracy Jordan started dancing and singing THIS:

Billy Joel 'We Didn't Start The Fire'

(fun fact! i remember owning this as one of my very first cassettes. i think i stole it from my dad perhaps - - did i? hmmmm. all i remember is rewinding the tape so many times to try and learn all the words, but never actually getting it down. the tape would always break. the first cassette tape i was allowed to listen to in the car was the Oak Ridge Boys 'Elvira'. The writing was already on the wall - haha - i was destined to get a job in the music biz, seeking out new music so that I can expose the kids of today with more jems like 'Elvira' and 'We didn't start the Fire'. haha Oak Ridge Boys 'Elvira' - - hahaha! wow looks like my taste hasn't changed a bit! haha)

p.s. i guess i should probably start getting my tix and stuff for coachella right? hahaha. nothing like sorting it out at the last minute! that's how i roll. if anybody wants to share the wealth, kiss my ass for some reason, or if you have an abundance of extra coachella tix and or/passes, email me or comment here k thx! :)

p.s.s. happy bday mom again! the present is in the mail, and already more than 15 min late. that's how i roll again.

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'so you're sayin' there's a chance?' omgomgomgthat'sallineedtoknow. love, heather

wowowwowowow. talk about changes in the biz!

oh yeah. it's time.
looks like dreams could be coming true all over again - - either way - - i'm ready for whatever is coming my way. armed with HITS. hahahaha
I have my 'Hire Me, Don't Fire Me' mix ready to go! Finally! I'm sooooooooo much more excited today than I was yesterday!
Isn't it crazy how much your job can affect your overall attitude in life? Well, if you are me, work is life. My job is everything to me. I live with my cat, and we both don't know how to cook. hahaha
But it looks like me and Snickers are going to be fine. Thanks to everyone in the biz who has been talking me up - - and if you aren't == why the hell not?!?!?!?! hahahahaha

until I can open up my big mouth and say everything i want without getting in trouble . . . i'll leave you with a few amazing videos from some of my most talked about artists on this very blog:

my favorite song of 06 has to be MIKA 'Love Today'. I've actually had it since beginning of 05, and I remember blowing my current HELL YA! staffer EVAN VOLK with this track as a demo. I remember the first time I heard the demos, and when he showcased for Capitol Records - - I was instantly his #1 fan. I remember seeing Evan's face the first time I played this track for him - - priceless. I knew he would be working for me - - as we both bonded over MIKA! How can you not!?!!? Why is Mika not a huge gigantic superstar in the US? He will be soon enough . . .

MIKA 'Love Today' youtube video

THE FEELING 'Love It When You Call' youtube video

THE FEELING 'Never Be Lonely' youtube video

SAM SPARRO 'Black & Gold' (NEW video!)

Molliemogo, SamSparro, HeatherPeggs = hellya sandwich.

****Wow it seems like just yesterday he was playing Hell Ya! w/ Iglu & Hartly, (it was only November @ the Echo!), and now he's already #2 in the UK! Pretty huge. Can't say i'm at all surprised, as when you got it, you really got it. He's a superduper star - - yep that's right, i said superduper. (i was quoting myself, from my Hell Ya! Podcast!)

and p.s. all peeps that are Coachella Bound next week - - make sure to watch the hottness that is my future ex=boyfriend MARK RONSON (sorry emily! we have to fight on this one!) as Mark has invited SAM SPARRO to join him onstage to sign Daniel M's part in "STOP ME". I hear they are also going to be playing 'Black & Gold'.

and to that I say . . . HELL YA.
It's a great time to be working in the biz. well that is, if you have great taste, balls, and talent to back it up! ;)

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

so many good shows tonight . . . i need a delorean with a flux capacitor stat.


i don't know how i'm going to be 2 places at once . . . let alone 3. the only solution would be time travel.

i am for sure going to be checking out IGLU & HARTLY @ AIRLINER tonight. Kudos to Mollie & co. for putting this shit together. (bummed you are out of town molls! but i'm sure you are having a hellofa good time in London!!)

Less Jack More Jill presents: 'MY SO CALLED 90's PARTY'

have you seen this yet?

IGLU & HARTLY (pretty much naked) 'Believe' youtube video

i'm going to be there for IGLU & HARTLY, then splitting to head over to the ECHO for ELI 'PAPERBOY' REED!

more to follow!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hello from Seattle!

Hi All,

I am sitting in Seattle alone waiting for my family to get off of work and thought I would sit down and write something. I have been working on the flier for the next Hell Ya and will be posting that soon after landing in the great City of Angels... Get excited (about the show, not the flier- that isn't anything spectacular.)

I have had a great couple of days in the lovely, rainy Northwest... Unfortunately, I didn't make it to any shows, but I did get to go to the Experience Music Project for the first time.

This ugly monstrosity of a building houses some of the coolest music memorabilia of the Northwest Music Scene, like Nirvana's first record contract and the original lyrics for LUMP by the President's of The United States of America. The building was built back when I was in High School and all I can remember was my grandmother complaining about the eye-sore ruining her view of the Space Needle. The opening concert for EMP was pretty killer though, I was there and I believe I was 17 at the time. I saw Eminem, Red Hot Chili Peppers (complete in only tube socks) and Metallica. I had never really considered going to the EMP since I always thought it was a bit over priced ($15) and never thought that I would enjoy it that much, but I must say it was worth my time.

For someone like me, seeing Kurt Cobain's blue Fender, was a pretty cool experience. The museum also features a sculpture made of over 70 guitars, 30 of which play themselves and a sound lab where you can try your best at remixing Annie Lennox or Jamming with a band. There is an area where you and a group can get up on stage in front of a camera and rock out, buy the DVD and save it forever. I loved the room where you could pull up interviews with Clive Davis and Grandmaster Flash and listen in on the progression of the music industry as seen by the artists themselves.

Overall, I would recommend the visit, that is if you have already paid for parking at the Space Needle and want to waste about an hour or two. It was pretty entertaining, especially if you have close ties to the Northwest music scene.

I tried to find Heather a guitar pin at the giftshop but was unsuccessful.... Sorry lady ;)

See you guys soon...


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