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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Now that Heather has gotten me absolutely addicted to 30 ROCK, it was amazing that I managed to peel myself off the couch to go do anything else this last couple of weeks... But I did. And I am sure glad I did.

About a week ago I got the chance to see ADELE at the Hotel Cafe. I found out about this show a day after the tickets went on sale and nearly screamed in my office when I saw that they were already sold out, lucky for me, my friend Ryan had an extra ticket and decided to bring me along.

I have to admit that I had only heard a couple of songs, CHASING PAVEMENTS (her single) being the only one I could actually pick from a line up, and it looked like most of the crowd was in the same bost (minus that one girl who was dancing and singing along with every word). She was great. Obviously, I knew she would sound great, but she was also cracking jokes and admitted that she was a bit nervous. She seemed as though she was a normal girl, who lucky for all of us has been blessed with incredible talent and a killer voice.

Adele won a Critic's Choice BRIT award this year and has been playing to sold out crowds in the UK. Our good friend Sam Sparro will be opening for her this May in the UK. Her CD is yet to be released in the US, though I take it that it should be coming soon. She does, however have a single on iTunes of HOMETOWN GLORY, which I recommend downloading since I know you have a dollar worth of change in your seat cushions that you have been considering putting to good use...

But for now, check out her video for Chasing Pavements:

xo Emily

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Monday, March 24, 2008

A very HIP HOP Hell Ya! night! This Wednesday w/ THE KNUX!

HELL YA! is this WEDNESDAY @ the ECHO!

Doors @ 830pm (18+ / $5)



11pm - THE KNUX

THE KNUX youtube video

This Hip Hop heavy Hell Ya! night is proudly co-presented by JEFF WEISS, hip hop blogger hottness check his blog here: PASSION OF THE WEISS


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