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Tuesday, March 13, 2007



It's 10:30pm, the night before I leave for SXSW. I'm still at the office, printing up my RSVP's, organizing my schedule (which never ends!) and I'm in the best mood, you know why?!? Because I came across this AMAZING Jem of a track, which I've been playing on repeat all day. I couldn't even tell you how many times I listened to this song . . . I can't wait to DJ this song @ HELL YA! SXSW this Thursday!!!

Get ready to sweat, cause this track makes me want to dance like when I first heard the GIRL TALK "Night Ripper" album.

I don't know much about JUICEBOXXX (with 3 XXX's - so Drrrty!) except for they have something to do with SPANKROCK & they are from Milwauke. If you are in Austin, they are playing 4 shows during SXSW! Check their myspace page for show info. Come dance and dork out on the dance floor with me!

OK I guess I hyped this song enough . . . here it is! (via yousendit so you only have 10 days to download)


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