Photobucket Hell Ya!: 6/25/06 - 7/2/06

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How did I get in here?

Last night I ended up at a bar where I sat opposite to Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan. Had I known this before venturing to meet my friend - I might have gone home and changed my shoes SINCE I WAS WEARING FLIP FLOPS!!! (I had them on since I got a mani pedi earlier in the day)

Why didn't my friend tell me we were going to an exclusive bar - I thought we were just grabbing a quick drink at a dive bar. Turns out - NOPE! In walks Russell Simmons and that hot guy from the HBO show Carnivale.

I was on my sidekick the whole time - texting my friends like it was the first time I saw a celeb. I felt like I was in a Live version of US WEEKLY! But not in Christian Louboutin heels - I was in FLIP FLOPS! HAHAHA! Good times!

Fyi: the bar I was at was called HYDE. It rules. If I was famous, I would go there every night.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My cat is so damn CUTE!

I have the cutest cat alive. I dare you to challenge me. This is SNICKERS. I taught her how to fetch - and my bf Jessica taught her how to roll over when she whistles.

The only problem is - I CAN'T WHISTLE! HAHA. Thanks JG!

Anyhoo - you can always tell if my place is clean when Snickers takes a nap in the SINK!

Hey Mickey You're So Fine . . .

Ok - So he might not be my "type", but Mickey Avalon is a ROCKSTAR! I would describe his sound as HIP POP. (more pop than hip hop!) I first heard about this guy from a 15 yr old kid. I always pay attention to 15 yr olds - since they are the target market. Plus they know what is coming WAY before we do.

Mickey has been around town for a while - but his time has finally come. He's about to close a deal with INTERSCOPE & his shows are selling out left and right. I was lucky enough to see him last night @ the Echo. It was a private party for Jameson Whiskey - so everybody was drinking way more than they should. By the end of mickey's set - girls were jumping on stage to dance with him while he performed his hit song "Jane Fonda".

Mickey Avalon "Jane Fonda"