Photobucket Hell Ya!: 7/16/06 - 7/23/06

Friday, July 21, 2006

HELL YA! Night is this THURSDAY @ The Echo

There are some great bands on this month's HELL YA! Night. Well there better be! This will be the first HELL YA! night since SPIN magazine wrote about us! Didn't see it? Well here it is:

"The best in squiggly indie-rock guitars and jagged beats come from HellYa's monthly mix of local about-to-blow live bands and rock-centric DJs."
SPIN – July 2006

Pretty exciting shit right there huh!? Here's the lineup:

They are a new LA band from Ross Golan + Tommy Walter (From Abandoned Pools). They haven't given me any mp3's to post yet. BOO. So go check out their myspace for tunes + come early to see them!

10pm is TALLY HALL

Tally Hall come all the way from Michigan. I first heard this song featured on the OC! They are in town to play on The Late Late Show with CRAIG FERGUSON. (A little birdie told me that Craig Ferguson is going to come to the show!)
Here's their song that was featured on the OC:

11pm is POLUS

Polus is a new LA band that I am loving so much that I am going to start a record label (HELL YA! Records) to put out their first EP! It should be released in October. (it will be limited edition - so get yours before they run out)
Here's a sample of the goods:


Audrye Sessions are from Oakland, CA. They are awesome. I first saw this band when I went to SF to see Birdmonster last year. They have the violin player from Street to Nowhere. (geez how many good bands are there from the bay area right now! SO many!) Now they have some pretty big songs - I'm looking forward to seeing how they have progressed.
Here is one of their new songs:

And as always - me & Jax will be spinning the best indie-rock-pop-hiphop-dance hits around! Just ask SPIN MAGAZINE!

The Feeling TONIGHT @ The Troubadour!

I've already raved about THE FEELING on this blog - They were my FIRST POST!

The wait is over - they are finally playing in Los Angeles tonight @ the Troubadour. Tickets are still available. Come on down and look for me in the front row. (dancing like a dork and singing along to every word!)

Here is my favorite song from their record "12 Stops And Home".

THE FEELING "Love It When You Call"

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Get to know REEVE CARNEY

REEVE CARNEY is destined to be a star. It is in his blood. I've seen him a bunch of times (along with his now cult following @ Molly Malones), and every time I hear the song "Think Of You" I get the goosebumps.

He has a soulful Jeff Buckley like quality to his voice. Tons of swagger. AND - he's unbelievebly georgous. Check out the video - go see him live. He is something special.

REEVE CARNEY "Think of You"

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Cobra Starship Video!

I've watched this video 397568203486y734 times this week. It's time to put it on my blog.

This shit is so good. So catchy. Sooooooooo going to be EVERYWHERE in a minute.

My buddy JAX tells me that Cobra Starship started as a Joke band of Gabe from the band Midtown. Now it is a supergroup with the singers of The Academy Is & The Sounds.

Funny thing is, I've never been into these bands. Now - I'm obsessed with William Becket (hottie from The Academy Is) and downloading tracks from The Sounds. HAHA.

I'm in love with YOUNG LOVE

You know when you hear a song once and you know it's going to be MASSIVE? Like first time you heard the Killers "Somebody Told Me" or Outkast "HEY YA" . . . well that's how I feel about YOUNG LOVE "DISCOTECH".

I can't post the song, for fear that the RIAA will take away my blog before it starts getting good! (They already busted me for posting 2 muse songs! YIKES! 1 more strike and I'm toast)

Young Love (which is hottie DAN KEYES, formerly of Recover) is playing 2 shows in LA/OC next week. July 24th @ Chain Reaction & July 25th @ Cinespace. I'm going to try to convince him to make a guest appearance on my next HELL YA! Night (which is JULY 27th @ The ECHO).

Go here to his myspace: stream the song "DISCOTECH" and start dancing! It's a hit!

Speaking of HITS - have you heard the new Lady Sovereign song "Love Me Or Hate Me"? Geez . . . Island Def Jam is on roll!