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Monday, February 18, 2008

Things I love: my new Default Pic! Things I miss: Jem & The Holograms!

If you are a fan of this blog, you know I'm a big supporter of the band Metro Station. I tried to sign the band, but instead I remained a loyal fan and friend of the band. They played a sold out show this past weekend, opening up for COBRA STARSHIP @ the TROUBADOUR. I have seen Metro Station about 103704203941 times now, this was by far the best. Stay tuned for the brand new video for the new single 'CONTROL'. I can't wait! They've come a LONGGGG way since THESE DAYS. HAHA.

I finally got the balls to ask for a few photos, seeing as I probably won't get the chance again with the rising star of Hannah Montana. *Can I just say that Billy Ray Cyrus, Miley Cyrus & Tish (Miley's Mom) are SO FREAKING AWESOME.

BEST PHOTO EVER YAY (oh look - we kinda have the same smile! ;)

ME & MILEY!! (Heather Pennsylvania & Hannah Montana!)
haha. see what i did there? i'm such a dork . . . ;)

If you read you might have seen this pic already this morning! ;)


I love hanging with Jeffree Star it's like real life JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS type shit. It's 'TRULY OUTRAGEOUS'!!
Man I wish Jem & The Holograms was still airing! Remember the Misfits! 'our songs are better!' haha genius!

JEM original theme song!

more photos from the troub / metro station / miley cyrus / jeffree star click HERE

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my favorite band and album of 2008 so far is . . .

take a look at your new favorite band!

THE MAE-SHI are a local LA band I've been aware of for the past 4 or 5 years, first time hearing about them from the now-defunct band called THE MEAN REDS. (remember those kids?! so cute, so young, but so loud and craaaaazypants! Anyways, back to the story . . . The Mae-Shi I was always aware of, I was just too stubborn and shallow minded to revisit their sound in the past 5 years. I didn't think I would like the Mae-Shi . . . but turns out!
BOY WAS I WRONG! As of right now, The Mae-Shi have my vote for my favorite album of 2008 so far!

(***and NO, it isn't because of the album title 'HLLL YH', nor is it because my middle name is MAE, nor is it because they are headlining the next Hell Ya! Night this month, February 28th @ the ECHO! BE THERE!!!)

Luckily I had a few 'signs' that pointed me in the right direction. My close friend JERRY, whom music taste I value more than any other, had me drive him home so he could grab his copy of "HLLL YH' and play me his favorite tracks. He was so passionate about this band that he wanted to see my reaction - listening to the MAE-SHI for the first time. Now that is EXACTLY the type of thing I would do! I live for these types of moments, where you get-off on seeing somebody else discover your favorite band for the first time. It's the sole reason I have this blog, book my Hell Ya! club nights, record my podcasts, compile, burn and pass out my hell ya! mixes etc... and on and on....

so yeah just watch the Mae-Shi video below (which they made themselves!!), buy the new album, and come see them as they headline this month's Hell Ya! @ the Echo, Thursday, February 28th! HELLL YA!!!!!

*****WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!!!*****


and if you want more, check this one too!



for a few laughs check their webpage:


haha. everytime I look at the album cover - I can't help but laugh, as it looks so similar to my Hell Ya! logo. Between that and the correct spelling of MAE with an E - just as my middle name is spelled (Heather Mae Peggs)
It's like they are speaking DIRECTLY TO ME. HAHA. HEY MAE-SHI - - I'm listening ;)
Welcome to the future indeed.

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