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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dukes of DaVille Review in Ozone Magazine!! & "On The Road To Glory" video

Thank you to Ozone Magazine DUKES OF DAVILLE were featured in this AMAZING review, read it!!!!!!!!!

(**to see this larger, go here)

Also watch this awesome video that Capitol put together, it's all about how Matt Mahaffey played me "Steady" for the first time and we agreed it was the a huuuge hit. It includes their performance at Capitol Records prior to their signing:

Capitol Records' Dukes of DaVille's - "On the Road to Glory"

Their OFFICIAL mixtape entitled "WE ARE MUSIC" 3D (Digital Download Disc) will be available soon, here is a track off the mixtape:
Dukes of DaVille featuring SunN.Y- "Swagger Like Us- remix"

Dukes of DaVille's debut LP entitled "MILLENNIUM MUSIC" will be in stores in the Spring of '09 - MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!!

Click here to visit the DUKES MUZIK prequel mixtape myspace page

Also see my post below on the Adidas commercial w/ Beggin

Hell Ya!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ADIDAS new commercial starring EVERYONE + name that tune!

So yeah, I didn't get this party invite . . . but the following people were:

Katy Perry, Estelle, Young Jeezy, the Ting Tings, DMC-Daryl McDaniels, Method Man, Redman, Afra, Ryukyudisko, Russell Simmons and Missy Elliott, athletes Kevin Garnett, David Beckham, Ilie Nastase and Mark Gonzales, and designers Kazuki and Jeremy Scott.

doesn't that song in the background sound familiar?  hmmmmm..... oh yes, it's because my boys DUKES OF DAVILLE do a cover of this track!  

Check out the DUKES version below:

Which version do you guys like better?  FRANKI VALLI (the original) or The DUKES OF DAVILLE?  

and to throw another wrench in the mix, here's one more version by a Norwegian duo called MADCON

MADCON 'BEGGIN' Live (via youtube)

tell me what version you like best.... 

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