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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Holy Hell Ya! Nights . . . This Thursday, Next Thursday, etc....

I am so excited about this thursday - - I have been so f-ing busy that I haven't even been able to blog, read the la weekly, listen to new hot tunes on other blogs, etc.. all of my regular routine. I've actually been in the studio with the band I signed - DUKES OF DAVILLE - which is the most exciting part of my job. I love just being there, being a fly on the wall and watching the magic happen. I can't wait till this record comes out, it will be so exciting. My first big project, and it's really really really really really really good. I'm not just saying that because I work on it - - I'm a fan first, A&R / Label person 2nd.

So . . . back to this thursday night! All I can say is, PITTSBURGH SLIM is the SHIT pass it on! I am so excited to represent the 412 and have SLIM on this Hell Ya! night. Plus - - he has a new track with Cisco Adler, who has been busy producing, promoting and being in the band Shwayze etc.. They might just do a secret track together - - fingers crossed!

Looks like I'm bringing the Sunset Strip to the ECHO - - HELL YA.

I think everyone made their own flyer - - good times! Here's another one! :)

Thursday, January 31st @ the ECHO:

KROQ Presents: HELL YA! Night w/ Lisa D'Amato, Hazelden, Shwayze, & Pittsburgh Slim!

Doors 8:30 pm (18+ / $5)

p.s. I hear MTV may be there filming - - so dress to impress! :)

p.s.s. have you seen how hot Pittsburgh Slim is? if not, clickety click here and watch his video for 'Girls Kiss Girls'

Then stay tuned for this hot action NEXT THURSDAY! KAT @ KROQ will be giving away tix on-air during Locals Only - - plus playing the bands on the bill etc..... pretty sweet for the local scene. The more people exposed to great local music, the better right??? :)

Thursday, February 7th @ the Viper Room:

KROQ Presents: HELL YA! & GIRLS SCHOOL Night w/

Doors 9:00pm (21+ / $10)

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