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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

my new macbook! videos i love + more shows this week!

First off - a bigggggggg time thank you to STEVE BRIGHT over at the Apple Store in Glendale! He saved my life - well he literally saved my computer - which is my life. So while my Powerbook is in Computer Rehab for too many illegal downloads (jk - i just really beat that thing up!) I now have this new AMAAAAZING Macbook - it's Black and beautiful. sooooo many new features, my brother PHIL just somehow connected with my computer and could take over the screen via IM. what a great feature - especially for computer retards like me, who can't even figure out how to send an email from my .mac account! haha
anyhoo - - i'm back with my new computer and all i want to do is work/blog/and surf the net!

here are a few sweet videos i've been watching on repeat:

BRITNEY SPEARS 'Piece Of Me' Video
(FINALLY she looks amaazing - and this is my 2nd fav song off her album - - 1st is 'Toy Soldier!')

SNOOP DOGG 'Sensual Seduction' video
(AMAAAZING. thanks Mitchell @ spaceland for the tip. this video is genius!)
*p.s. why the hell does Universal block all of the embedded codes on Youtube? don't they know that somebody will post it again - so why don't you just let us help you promote your own artists! help us help YOU!

PLUSHGUN 'Dancing In A Minefield' video (made by Plushgun Dan himself! wtf genius! and it includes PETER GRIFFIN. HELL YESSSSS.)

***He's playing the ROXY TOMORROW NIGHT! You are bound to see alot of Lipstick lesbians there -- this time it won't be me! hahahaha

LMFAO 'Clumsy' (remix!) video (love this remix more than the original!)

and speaking of LMFAO - - make sure to check out the making of "This Is My Life" video with HYPERCRUSH Vs. LMFAO (and I have a cameo! woohoo!)

HYPERCRUSH Vs. LMFAO the making of THIS IS MY LIFE! video
(*listen up for my laugh around the 5:40 mark. haha)
Come see them play it live @ the ROXY on FRIDAY!

Then I need to borrow a time machine w/ flux capacitor to transport me to th ECHO to see this:

WAIT THINK FAST (which happens to feature my super team of production Jaqueline & Matthew! Listen to their music on myspace HERE and listen to them on my podcast HERE.

Ok i have to pull myself away from my new mac and get ready!

oh yeah . . . does anybody have any suggestions for a really awesome DJ name for ME? IF so, post a comment here or my myspace page. DJ Heather Peggs needs an update . . . I've had suggestions, some good, some funny, and some rediculous.

Here are a few:
DJ Hell Ya! ?
Hell Ya! Deejay ?
DJ Peg Leg - - um NO. I'm not a pirate.
DJ HAHAHA - this one is funny - and so true.
DJ Gumby - I think i left this nickname back when I left KROQ.

SUGGESTIONS? COMMENTS? CONCERNS? What videos are you into right now? Lets get some TYLER SHIELDS Style Comments going here!!! :)

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Troy This @ the Troub - - then Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip @ Cinespace!

my new favorite person is named TROY THIS

why? because he is supertalented, superhot, and of course - since he loves me back:

his bulletin last night on myspace:

bulletin subject: HEY HEATHER PEGGS
hi ms heather peggs from hell ya the most awesome night ever,
I AM nervous cause its a big room and i am not sure how many folks are gonna show so please tell all you friends ......

west hollywood

YAY! And I'm SOLD! I am now a fan of his for life. And of course i posted a bulletin back telling everyone to join me tonight at the troub.
Artists that want to make something of yourself in hollywood - - take note of this. Make good music, and when people talk you up - - talk them up back! You too can have a fan for life. (*p.s. this only works if you have the goods - and when i say 'goods' i mean hit songs! and it also helps if you are hot)

see you at the troub - at 730!

then join me to see DAN LE SAC VS. SCROOBIUS PIP! @ CINESPACE! (I know - 2 times in 2 weeks - i feel like I'm back in 2005!)


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Monday, December 17, 2007

Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip TONIGHT & Tomorrow! Plus more shows this week!!

holy crapola. is it me or is there a buttload of great shows from now until xmas break?

i thought it was sopossed to be the slow season . . . but i guess not for the music biz! looks like it's 'no sleep till december 22nd' for me! i'll be able to catch a few zzzzzz's from the 22nd - 27th while in pittsburgh, visiting the family. (freezing my ass off!!)

i'm sure while i'm there i will try to squeeze in some business, like visiting gregg gillis (girltalk), the band SHADE (who are so good, especially if you have taste like Jax - ROCKINSIDER & Kevin Bronson - shoegazer indie rock dream band)

so from now until the 22nd - here is my tentative schedule. i'm sure every day i will add more shows/parties to the schedule, as i suck at planning ahead.

monday, december 17th:

*Reeve Carney @ Mollie Malones
Yep - fresh of HELL YA! @ the Hotel Cafe show (which was amaaaazing btw)
now he goes back to his roots and is doing another monday night residencey @ Molly Malones.

Reeve Carney Live promo video
Just found out!!! DAN LE SAC Vs. SCROOBIUS PIP is also playing TONIGHT @ Spaceland!!! WOOHOO! (See Below for more info on Dan Le Sac!) They go on first tonight - - around 9pm. and it's FREEEEE! hellll ya. look for me there - and say hello. i have pink and blonde hair - you can't miss me!!

tuesday, december 18th:
*ARKnights @ Knitting Factory (alterknit)
*TROY THIS @ the Troubadour (early set - he goes on at 7pm!)

(p.s. TROY THIS's song "American Dream The Happy Song" is my new default song on my personal myspace page. it's that good. i am definatley booking this guy for a HELL YA! night ASAP.
huge props to the hot bookers of Girlschool & evan for the heads up on this one! you guys sure do know my taste in music!!)
**Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip @ Cinespace
this one is a must. i am so jealous i didn't get this show. boooooo to me. i give myself a big 'hell no' for dropping the ball. oh well, can't get em all. maybe next time.

since i've already exausted posting his last 2 videos both HERE and HERE, how about his new video (which uses some radiohead as the backing track - - nice and ballsy! i wonder if they got clearance for that - - and if so how much??)

Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip 'Letter from God' video (FEATURING RADIOHEAD! HELL YA that is BALLLSY!)

wednesday, december 19th:
**PITTSBURGH SLIM show @ the ROXY!!!

Pittsburgh Slim new video for 'First Date'
(stay tuned for a new track Slim just finished featuring Cisco Adler called 'Hey Gurl' . . . it's hot!)

thursday, december 20th:
more to follow . . . post suggestions in the comment section! :)

friday, december 21st:
again - more to follow . . .

saturday, december 22nd - 27th:
xmas in Pittsburgh (BRRRRRR!!!)

friday, december 28th: back in business! haven't even thought about my schedule this far in advance . . . any suggestions? what is everyone doing for NYC? I need something AWESOME. There maybe a pittsburgh slim show in the works, and i know about the Steve Aoki bigbash w/ all the cooltastic kids . . . but I want something BIG. Last year Kevin Bronson took me as his date to the Paramount Lot party - where the KILLERS performed. It was AWESOME!! I want that action!! Anybody???

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