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Friday, October 05, 2007

Mark Ronson Live Show Review - Part 1

Names will be dropped all over this post, if you don't want to pick them up, I suggest you stop reading now. :) I'm just sayin'

Wow! Where do I even begin? First off, I think this was the best show I've seen ALL YEAR.

Amanda Walk was my date to the show (& thank you Megan Youngblood for hooking us up!!)
Right as we walked in we saw Fab from the Strokes, Katy Perry, Alex (Phantom Planet) and one of my favorite UK bands - - - THE FEELING! (*more on that later)

Some other names I can drop that were in attendance: Nicole Richie (preggers), Mischa Barton, Joel Madden, Samantha Ronson (duh), and I heard Christina Aguilera was there too . . . I didn't see her, but wish I did as we went to the same High School! HAHA.

The show started off with a bang - full band playing Mark Ronson's version of Coldplay's "God Put A Smile On Your Face".

MARK RONSON 'God Put A Smile On Your Face' Live

Then a song with Kenna, song with Santo Gold (didn't impress me much), then ROBBIE WILLIAMS came on stage and I started to really pay attention. Robbie sang ok, danced very Mick Jaggeresque, and the song was alright. Robbie looked hot, but I wish he would have sang LOVELIGHT - the song from his Rudebox album that Mark Ronson Produced.

ROBBIE WILLIAMS 'Lovelight' (song Robbie should have sang . . . )

After Robbie was Alex from Phantom Planet to sing my favorite Mark Ronson cover - his version of Radiohead "Just". It was amazing and made me realize just how much of a star Alex should be. Then the bass player from Phantom planet joined Alex, Ronson & band to play the OC theme song Juggernaut "CALIFORNIA". I got the chills, all over my body and they stayed throughout the whole song. It was just one of those moments where a song moves you even though didn't realize how much until it happens. I looked back at the upstairs VIP table - where Mischa Barton was at - and Nicole Richie was pointing at her and they were all having a great time. That must be so crazy being that famous . . . I think the whole audience looked back at her at that moment - to see how she reacted.


The show kept getting better and better - Nikka Costa came on stage to sing "LIKE A FEATHER" and just BLEW ME AWAY. Her moves, her voice, the song - it was very modern day Janis Joplin/Tina Turner. Why is NIKKA COSTA not a SUPERSTAR right now? I just don't get it. The whole audience was dancing and clapping along with her throughout the entire song. It was amazing. This was my first time seeing Nikka live. I'm so glad I did. If only this song came out TODAY - instead of 2001. It would be HUGE.

NIKKA COSTA 'Like A Feather'

The hits kept on coming, playing "Valerie" even though Amy Winehouse wasn't singing, it was one of the highlights. Leave it to Mark Ronson who can make a cover sound better than the original version by the Zutons. (same goes for 'Oh My God' featuring Lily Allen - instead of The Kaiser Chiefs)

MARK RONSON 'Valerie' (feat. Amy Winehouse)

He ended the show with Daniel Merriweather joining him and the band onstage to sing the ever popular "Stop Me". It was a perfect show, and I can't belive how good it was. I am sooooooo glad I was asked to go last minute. Amanda Walk again - I owe you one.

MARK RONSON 'Stop Me' (feat. Daniel Marriweather)

I hung around for the after party upstairs which was jam packed with more celebs and super hot. (as in temperature) I won't let you in on just how much of a Mark Ronson fan I am, but lets just say if Siobhain didn't introduce me, I wouldn't have even approached him. I really just smiled and nodded, told him great the show was, how I met him before with Rhymefest & Kroq, smiled again, and left. Short, Sweet, To The Point. PHEW. So glad I didn't embarrass myself.

Siobhain invited me to the after-after party which I will talk more about tomorrow. I've already dropped too many names for just one blog post. HAHA.

Till tomorrow - I'll leave you with a video showing the making of 'Valerie'

MARK RONSON - Making the Video "VALERIE"

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I'm sooooooo excited!!!!! I just offered a ticket to the super SOLD OUT MARK RONSON show tonight @ the El Rey!!! Thank You AMANDA WALK!!!

MARK RONSON feat. Alex Greenwald 'Just'

This video is my favorite - BANKSY is all over it! and btw HOW EXCITED ARE YOU GUYS ABOUT THE NEW RADIOHEAD!!!!!


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Eric Hutchinson is pretty good . . . ;)

I get comfort knowing that I tried 130987695% on this. I even wore the ERIC HUTCHINSON is PRETTY GOOD t-shirt to work during the meeting. Eric was my FIRST showcase for Capitol Records almost 2 1/2 or maybe even 3 years ago. That didn't go as planned, but I kept on keepin on. I will always be Eric Hutchinson's biggest fan. (and NO - i did not get with him if that is what you are thinking! i am just a fan)

so yeah - mark my words - it's eric hutchinson's time NOW. just check out this new song - one that i am DYING to get my hands on. dave? carter? eric? steve basilone - u have a copy? anybody? this song rules!! Go Eric! I hope you become bigger than John mayer and start Dating Jessica Simpson or something. ;)

ERIC HUTCHINSON 'FREAK CONTROL' new song that i loooooooooooooooooove!

Last night's show @ Hotel Cafe had the biggest line I'd ever seen at the club. Craaaazyyyyyyypants. It was even more packed than when I saw SIA there back in 06.

If somebody dropped a bomb on the hotel cafe last night, half of the music business would be wiped out.
Here's my shoutouts: the A&R peeps I saw (MM,KK,TC,CA,plusmore, Label Promo Peeps (KP thanks for the drinks!), Radio PD's (what's up MS!), lawyers (JL always at the best shows), booking agents (big shout out to jon moore @ apa - hopeudigthemix!), managers (carter & dave you rule), MARKO (booker of hotel cafe), and of course my highschool buddy STEVE BASILONE (412!) who is responsible for telling me about Eric in the first place. that's all - congrats eric!!!! :)

*BONUS* added 10/5/07
ERIC HUTCHINSON 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody/How Will I Know' (mp3 via yousendit)

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If you live here in LA - I hope you have already seen 'ACROSS THE UNIVERSE'. If not, stop reading this right now and RUN to go see it! I'm going again this weekend . . . who's with me? Vista or Arclight?

(he had me at 'is there anybody')


TRAILER 3 'It Won't Be Long'

TRAILER 4 'Revolution'

TRAILER 5 'Do It In The Road'

TRAILER 6 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand'

TRAILER 7 'Hey Jude'

TRAILER 8 'If I Fell'

TRAILER 9 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'

TRAILER 10 'I Am The Walrus' (*starring BONO!)

TRAILER 11 'I Want You'

TRAILER 12 'Girl/Helter Skelter'

Here's 2 things I've re-learned while watching this movie:

1) no band can touch the BEATLES. Best Band, Best Songs. Period.

2) after hearing my mom sing throughout the whole movie - - - haha - i realized i probably should stop singing at the concerts i see. i need to leave the performing to the professionals. and only sing while i'm in the shower, alone, or with my cat.


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*CONTEST ALERT* Hidden Detour Parties!

Turns out there is PRE-GAME parties for the DETOUR FESTIVAL this weekend in LA.

I got offered tix to giveaway on the blog (which means people are actually reading this!)

First 2 people that email me HEATHERPEGGS@MAC.COM with I WANT TIX in the subject line wins! Please specify which night you want to go to.

More info on the Hidden Detour Parties including how to purchase tix should CLICK HERE


oh and if you are going to the LA Weekly DETOUR Festival this weekend, here are my suggestions:


and those are my picks. definatly try not to miss the COOL KIDS. they are very cooltastic. take a listen: COOL KIDS MUSIC

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Monday, October 01, 2007


(where was this guy when I was growing up in the burgh?)

WOW I am soooooooo excited about all these new hot acts coming out of my hometown of PITTSBURGH, PA! HELLLL YA! 412! (and 724)

GIRL TALK, WIZ KHALIFA, and now PITTSBURGH SLIM! (I also went to highschool w/ Christina Aguilera - - true story. North Allegheny - Wexford, PA)

This guy is my new hero - this video is so genius. HOT. Check it out now funk soul brotha . . .

PITTSBURGH SLIM 'Girls Kiss Girls' video


PITTSBURGH SLIM - hit me up when you get out to LA - or lets hang in the 412 over holidays - we can go dahntahn and eat some pirmani bros and that - or go to gooskis?
hahaha - the pittsburgh accent is realllly awesomely white trash. love it.

p.s. other 412 bands i love: SHADE, Modey Lemon, Grand Buffett . . . any more you guys know about? I'm all about cheering on the hometown crowd. :)

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Candie Payne - One More Chance

another song produced by the hottest dj/producer on the planet (mark ronson) so i'd put big money on this girl Candie Payne doing quite well . . . seems everything he touches turns to gold.

tell me what you think! love it?/hate it?/just ok? i might be a bit biased, as i pretty much automatically like whatever he produces . . .

CANDIE PAYNE 'One More Chance' video

i wouldn't be surprised if this song was featured in an itunes or target commercial soon . . . it's supercooltastic, but i'm not obsesssssssed with it yet.


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