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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

another dance from CUPID + PITTSBURGH SLIM!

i love choreographed dances!!! sooooomucchhhhhhhfunnnnnnnnn.
Cupid seems to think so too! :)


that dance is a bit more complicated than the Cupid Shuffle - - finally something to really get down with. I'm so into the dance thing - - I can't wait until the DUKES OF DAVILLE album comes out! (they are the band I signed to my label - Hell Ya! and now they are signed to CAPITOL! yay!) JUSTYOUWAIT!!! I'm willing to place bets that it is going to BLOWTHEFUCKUP! Song of the summer - next summer - for sure. :)
If you forget the first CUPID dance - - here's an ANIME version of the CUPID SHUFFLE!

cool DANCE anime version of CUPID SHUFFLE

In the meantime, make sure to get your dance on tonight at the Echo for HELL YA! Night

I'll be spinning all of these tunes, plus a sneak peak of some brandspankinnew Dukes Of Daville demos. YAYYYY.

oh and of course I'll be playing THIS HOTTNESS:


mmmmmmmm. pittsburgh slim.

he definatly has a way with words. or with looks. or something. all i know is - i was innocently dancing with him and his friend (who happened to be a cute girl) at his listening party. then all of a sudden - once 'GIRLS KISS GIRLS' starts playing - out of nowhere - he somehow gets me to make out with his girlfriend! WTF! I'm sooooooooo not usually into that, i mean i like boys! alot! i've never been with a girl (though a few have tried!) but when pittsburgh slim is around - - i guess anything goes! he's a hottie, with some serious special powers.

after i sober up a bit, i'm getting ready to say goodbye - so i grab my throwaway digital camera to snap a shot of me & slim. point, shoot, woah - - he throws me a kiss. HOT. damn he sure knows how to treat his friends/fans/etc... ;)
(looks like I might need a few more pictures of us later on . . . i don't think i had the flash on right . . . it looks a bit out of focus . . . oops that time i closed my eyes . . . ok one more time and that's it i swear . . . . hee hee.)

so yeah - pittsburgh slim must be a jedi or something. he's a star for sure. get ready to hear this song everywhere you go. it's infectious. he's like mickey avalon, only wayyyyyyy hotter, and with better songs. :)

*make sure to buy his new album - out on Itunes and in stores NOW.
**set your TIVO for tomorrow night - Pittsburgh Slim is on the Carson Daly show. BOOYA!
***BONUS! Click the Mixtape cover to download the Pittsburgh Slim Mixtape (hosted by DJ BIZZY!)

Pittsburgh Slim on Myspace

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Hell Ya! is Tonight @ the Echo w/ Man Like Me! (uk)

HELL YA! is TONIGHT @ the Echo!
Wednesday, December 5th
doors @ 830pm (18+ $5 / 21+ Free!)

9pm - Lunar Fiction

10pm - Hyper Crush Vs. LMFAO

The Making Of 'THIS IS MY LIFE' youtube video (look out for my cameo! haha)

11pm - MAN LIKE ME (UK)

MAN LIKE ME 'Oh My Gosh' youtube video

MAN LIKE ME 'The Doughnut Video'

12am - Villains
DOWNLOAD VILLAINS Vol. 1 Mix (via Zshare)

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