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Friday, July 17, 2009

Hell ya this sunday at Spaceland!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

BOWLING GREEN INVASION - Thank you Cage the Elephant

Just got back from this event:
Cage the Elephant Presents: BOWLING GREEN INVASION
Sleeper Agent
The Merlins
Downtown Handshake
Japanese School Girls
The Karmadons
Natty Bumpoe w/ DJ WICK-IT
Lee Harvey

Mc'D by Big Fella, and Dirty D

DJ Sets by Cage the Elephant and Autovaughn

Having moved to Nashville from Los Angeles about two years ago, I NEVER thought in my life I would be even talking about some town called Bowling Green, in a state called Kentucky that once when I traveled to New Orleans someone said to me "you want to see some COUNTRY people? Go to Kentucky!" But since living here in this time, I have grown to love this little town and all the people in it, they're some of my dearest friends, and moreover, the incredible MUSIC community from there. Unlike Nashville, (and I can say this since I've been here for a while now so chill out) there are some effing rock bands with some real balls... that blow you out of the water when you listen and watch them perform. We're just lucky to be an hour from the there. Bands and artists from Bowling Green seem to not give a F with a capital
F about how they sound or how they mold....they're not trying to sound country, singer/songwriter, indie, hip, folky or anything.. they're just rocking and f*cking shit up with their music. Below are a few... and stand by, because I'm not letting this town go... it's too good!

Some interesting facts about Bowling Green, KY

Bowling Green is the fourth-most populous city in the US State of Kentucky after Louisville, Lexington, and Owensboro. The population was 55,097 in 2008. Bowling Green was founded in 1798 after Robert and George Moore donated an additional 30 acres to the Warren County trustees. General Motors has an assembly plant in BG in which all Chevrolet Corvettes have been constructed since 1981 and Cadillac XLRs are being built there until production ends in the spring of 2009. Other significant businesses in Bowing Green include Fruit of the Loom, Houchen's Industries, Holley Performance Products and Camping World. In addition to all all of the other media, the town has been used in music videos, movies and television shows throughout the years. In Halloween and The Fog mention of locations and streets are very apparent to residents of Bowling Green. Director John Carpenter grew up in Bowling Green and has placed many references to the city within his motion pictures. There was a spoof of Halloween titled Hauntedween that was filmed on location in Bowling Green. BG also has one of the largest college radio towers in the country.

©nicoletaher SXSW Showcase @ the Thirsty Nickel, 2009
Need I say more?! Well I don't have to say more now, but shit the minute I arrived in Nashville (August '07) I was ranting and raving about them. I had the pleasure of watching this EARLY promo video:

also throwing this one in here for bonus points:

Needless to say I was instantly in LOVE with this band. I started telling everyone I knew about them, I even called Steve Aoki begging him to do a remix, I sent songs to everyone, getting everyone in LA and beyond as in love with them as I was. SXSW of '08 I was running around to everyone "you have to see this band!". I wanted to see them live. I had to. I'll never forget the first time I saw them play the Mercy Lounge in Nashville in August that year. SO much pure raw energy I hadn't seen since I saw Nirvana live, oh wait, I've never seen Nirvana, but since they're my favorite of all time I felt the closest to seeing them that night. (This past SXSW in 2009 I remember being at Stubb's for the SPIN party... my friend Jim Merlis who used to be ahem, cough cough, Nirvana's publicist and I were talking about new bands, I literally metaphorically tied his neck with a noose requiring him to see their show at Antone's that night, also Joe Levy (who used to be Editor in Chief of Rolling Stone Magazine) overheard us talking, I was like "guys, this is the most raw thing you will ever see and experience of today, please come to this show." Of course after the show, they're mouths were as wide opened as I expected them to be... they were smiling big and so was I) Flash forward one year and half, January of this year when "Ain't No Rest For the Wicked" started hitting KROQ, they are in the middle of blowing up (Billboard Hot Mainstream Tracks, peak @#11!! What what?? and Active Rock Charts #13!!?) and they have since become good friends, like my brothers, Matt in particular, that crazy sob is one of my best friends, turns out he and I have that same red Kurt Cobain Journal book. So, I don't really need to say much about the band these days, you've all either seen them or heard about them and heard how fucking incredible their live show is. If you're sleeping under a rock and you haven't, then google them (my google alerts will not stop). Plus they're incredible great guys. They're honestly gen-u-wine good 'ole country boys. Pure hearts. Crazy as shit but good as gold. Family guys. They love their ladies. Suckers for a good ole time with friends. Whenever they're back home, it's as if they've been gone forever. I haven't seen any band with this much pure passion and energy EVER. There's nothing more that I need in life, but some good old passion, which tends to be missing in most artists and the people working in music these days......
Just in case you haven't seen the video for Ain't No Rest For the Wicked on MTV, On Demand here it is for ya:

By the way they're on the cover of a mini issue Alternative Press Magazine!Wahoo!

sssshhhh psss they're recording they're new album in Nashville this week... I got a peek at a few of the songs... wait till you hear them!!!

Exhibit B: Morning Teleportation
first time I saw them was New Years Eve last year... Tich of Cage (Daniel Tichenor) made sure I went in to see them.. sure as shit, they were innnncredible. Indy pop psychedelic, with great dance beats without being a dance/electro band at all. They've got that kind of epic sound that you would find in a band, say like Muse. Epic sounding songs, that carry out like a good novel or film, with a beginning, middle, crescendo and end, without sticking to verse, chorus verse structure. The songs pull you in and hold on to you, you want to go wherever the songs are going. Plus the lead singer, Tiger reminsd me of Aaron Bruno of Under the Influence of Giants, which makes me really happy. Since playing around the BG they immediately got the opportunity to move to Portland where they are now working with the Modest Mouse guys who are producing their album. Holy crap!

Check out this badass video:

Sleeper Agent good friends of Cage (Brad Shultz of CTE is helping push these guys) fact they got started on the same stage that CTE got started on- Tidball's in Bowling Green. They're a great rock band with also a ton of energy....Justin is one of those front men, kinda like Matt Shultz, that you never know what to expect with him, he might be somewhere in his head staring off into space, running around the stage, jumping into the audience. Their sound reminds me of Cage the Elephant in that they have very tight rhythms and scorching leads mixed with Modest Mouse and a tinge of old Offspring vocals. Band members, Tony Smith - guitar/vocals, Michael Dean - bass/vocals, Mike O'Brien - drums, and Justin Wilson are all badass mofos....they can't stand still when they play, they're moving, jumping, doing aerials, climbing on top of shit, and will have you moving too. It's always a SHOW with these guys. You want your dollar's worth at a live show? Go see Sleeper Agent. They are in the process of recording their debut album as we speak by Malcolm Springer
(Mike's Pawn Shop, Full Devil Jacket, Fear Factory, Matchbox Twenty, etc). Woohoo!

download: Whore And A Heartbreaker - from the EP Bigger Than A Baby's Arm

Also: Downtown Handshake including members of Sleeper Agent.... another band with tons of energy and delivers an amazing live show. I really like this band. Beautiful and dirty at the same time. Beautiful catchy melodies with grimey (*note typo on "grimy" ode to my favorite record shop in Nashville, TN) guitar riffs and leads and nasty/pretty vocals... just as most all my favorite bowling green bands are....Downtown Handshake is a band you can hear every member's contribution.. listen close, there's a lot going on in each song, the group singing together gives you a feel as if they're a punk band -but they're far from it. Think Spoon with balls and dirty hair that rip through your ears in sub-subterranean melody.

They are currently recording their debut EP in East Nashville for a Fall, 2009 release. They will have a few digital singles available in August, and will be playing some shows locally until the release date which will be followed by a small regional tour in the fall.

Download: "Hourglass" by Downtown Handshake

Stay tuned....more from
LA-Nicole -turned Nashvegas reporting on this part of the world - soon


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Oh oh I wanna play!

My name is Renee and I would also like to say Hellooooo to the Hell Ya Universe. Were having a pretty freakin awesome show this sunday, so everyone needs to come to Spaceland because we are a bunch of sexy ladies running the show and you know you want some of this! P.S. the show is free so you will have plenty of money to get us drinks :)

Here's the lineup!


Featuring performances from
Evan Voytas 9:15pm -

Samuel Stewart – 10pm -

The Yelling 10:45pm -

Links – 11:30pm -


As always Hell Ya! Deejays spinning all night!

FREE ADMISSION | 21 Yrs + | Doors at 9PM


Also check out my blog for the insider on da bombest local shows/music and art around town with a little pop culture thrown in.


Band of the week

You must check out Leah Turner, this chick rocked the queen mary on the 4th!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Meet Molliemogo.

I just wanted to say a hello to the HellYa! universe. I am Mollie. I am now somewhat attached to Heathers ass (insert color of choice, I know what she would pick.)

I like peaches but I like nectarines better. I like driving really fast, and caffeine, and I like reading a ton. I mostly like listening to way too much music and seeing if I'm going kill myself faster via brain hemorrhage from listening to music too loud, the Vespa I'm about to buy, or quietly in my sleep at 99.9. Can't wait to find out!

So, my favorite find of the day would be this band from Tulsa RadioRadio. Check out the track "Watch Em All Come Runnin" for fans of the Killers and any new wavey shite like myself.

Allright. Over and out. Off to see this kickass (or well, lets see if they deliver live) band called Black Carl at the Knitting Factory at my "A&R Knights" show. Listen to that song "Hussy". Oooh lala.

10-4 peoples.