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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wait till you hear the new SILVERCHAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lets talk about SILVERCHAIR! They are BACK, with a new album called YOUNG MODERN, which is already breaking records in Australia. (#1 album & #1 single first week!)
This album is by far, the BEST thing I've heard ALL YEAR. Period. From start to finish - this album is mind blowing. I haven't listened to a record this much since MUSE "ABSOLUTION". It's so rare that an album captures my attention to stay in my car to listen to the whole album (since my car stereo sounds better than at home!)

Here's a taste of what I'm talking about . . .


Yeah. I can't wait till they start touring the US! I haven't been this excited about a band since Muse & Radiohead (pre-Kid A). THIS is why I got into the music business.

THANK YOU SILVERCHAIR for Raising the bar back where it belongs.

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Travis should use this video . . .

Travis "Selfish Jean" video interpretation by Demetri Martin.
Good work Demetri - your 15 minutes start right about . . . Now! :)


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The Kissaway Trail video for "Smother+Evil=Hurt"


This song is painfully good. So good that I can't help but hit repeat over and over and over . . .
Must have something in the water in Denmark, so many great bands come out of there!

The Kissaway Trail "Smother+Evil=Hurt" Video


Thanks to Taylor over @ MusicForKidsWhoCan'tReadGood Blog for having exceptional taste in music. I believe you can still download the track from his blog if you CLICK HERE.
Hell Ya!

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Monday, May 07, 2007

JUSTICE - D.A.N.C.E. video! (Anyone selling stock in ED BANGER RECORDS?)

ALL HAIL ED BANGER Records. Can they do no wrong? Especially JUSTICE. You guys need to stop it with all the hit songs and good ideas . . . give somebody else a chance!

I love this song & video - every time I watch it, I catch something new . . .
Great job to directors - Jonas & François. I predict you guys will get an avalanche of phone calls & emails from many a major label video commisioner!

Thanks JUSTICE for turning out the songs that keep the indie kids on the dancefloor!

P.S. Has anybody been watching MTV/MTV2/VH1 recently? I've been watching alot this past week (while i was home sick) and I've noticed some big changes! Good changes! Especially the interludes where they spotlight a snippet of a brand new artist/song. These are really, really good songs! like Juiceboxxx, Plan B, Mando Diao, Honeycut, Bonde De Role, etc . . . How Cool Is THAT!?!? (Scottie are you responsible for this? If not, who is? They RULE!)

Keep it up MTV, give the people what they want!

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Nintendo-Nerd Rock = ChipTunes!

Today I am still recovering from being sick, so I'm busy at work surfing the world wide web. I somehow ended up on this guy's myspace page, 8-bit Shifter, not to be confused with 8-bit, the local LA indie/rap/electronica outfit. BIG difference.

It seems I've hit the Nerd Jackpot!!

First things first - I am pro-Nerd. If I had to pick a favorite computer geek of all time, it would have to be the lead singer of my all time favorite band MUSE. Matt Bellamy is either a genius or a whack job. Have you seen his guitars? Smoe with mousepads that light up, others with over 8 nobs.

(***MUSE SUPER-NERDY FUN FACT*** When Muse got their record deal, Matt Bellamy took most of his signing bonus and bought himself a JET PACK!) Taken from THE GUARDIAN:
"Bellamy informed interviewers he could communicate with the dead and claimed his band's early fanbase had been comprised of local witches. He spent his early royalties not on vintage guitars or Beatles memorabilia but a device called a Paramotor: a propeller-operated 'jet pack' that attaches to the back. Suitably equipped, Bellamy would apparently soar over the Devon Riviera."

Now back to Nintendo Nerd Rock!
from 8-bit Radio:
"There's a young and largely undiscovered sector of music beginning to flourish in the New York City underground—a subculture most often referred to as the "chip scene" by its veterans—that involves using sound code from old hardware (in this case, the NES) to produce original music. Like the developers of yesteryear, today's musicians can create songs that run natively on Nintendo's grey box with both brilliant and nostalgia-inducing results."

(BTW: Incase you forgot, webpage is "The World's Most In-Depth Nintendo Resource")

If you are as facinated as I was and wish to learn as much as you can about the 'Chip Scene' and how it got started . . . check out this awesome interview with ANAMANAGUCHI, one of the first bands on the Chiptune bandwagon: CLICK HERE

(***BEST NAME USED FOR A COMPUTER PROGRAM*** The Program you have to use to input Nintendo (NES) sounds is called the NERDTRACKER 2 and is designed by Nerds R US! HA! I couldn't make this up!)

A few other Nintendo Nerds on myspace:

*make sure to read his blog post - it's funny and facinating - and i'm jealous. must be nice getting to jetset around the world playing nintendo!! I want to be in the Gameboy Music Club!

*3 member 8-bit pop from TOKYO.
*hearing these chiptunes makes me want to play some Super Mario Bros. or EXCITEBIKE!

*when asked how they came up with the name Anamanaguchi - peter responds 'it's a word that's in the vernacular of both Jabba the Hutt and a Japanese businessman in a sauna.' WOW. NERDS have such an extensive VOCAB! Vernacular!?! I haven't heard that word used since me and JG had dinner with ROSS GOLAN!

Best New Band (With A Name That Sounds Like It Belongs To This Nerdy Nintendo Rock Scene But Isn't) Goes To:

*Listen to "Sweaty Wet/Dirty Damp"
*These guys & girls are from Melbourne, and they are sooooo fun! They are all over the blogs, plus they site Man Like Me as an influence - so I was already IN before i even heard a note.
I can't wait till them come over to LA - jerry make it happen! they need to play HELL YA!

So yeah - - - Go Nerds! Instead of Comicon this year, book your flights to NYC for the BLIP Festival!

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