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Thursday, November 06, 2008

back from nyc, here's 2 of my new favorite videos!

So here's a sprinkle of hot tunes, made by some hot guys!   
The first is from the UK, and he mixed together 'Umbrella' (ella ella eh!) with BIGGIE SMALLS!  Um, can you say GENIUS?  HellYa I can!  

His name is DAN BLACK.  GET TO KNOW HIM.  There's plenty more where this came from. Check out his MYSPACE page (see below) for more info....
watch this video NOW!


Now on to the next hot guy with a hit song:

SIMON REX, whom I used to dream about back in the 80's (ha!  yeah that pun was really cheesy i know . . .)
Some of you may remember him from being a really hot MTV Veejay, others may have seen his porno (which is just him masturbating i think . . . I haven't seen it ;)

Well turns out he's not just another pretty face, he has musical talent too!  Simon is the guy who discovered and promoted Mickey Avalon, and now he has his own project called DIRT NASTY.   

(starring Directed by Nicholaus Goossen. Featuring Mickey Avalon, REDFOO of LMFAO, Andre Legacy, Cisco Adler, Shwayze, DJ AM, Evidence, and ALF. etc....)  

DIRT NASTY '1980' (click link then download via mediafile)

Hell Ya to that . . . what more do you need?  They covered all my favorite things!  Even ALF & a Delorean!!!  hahahahahahaha

k i'll update more later, gotta hit 3 shows tonight!  including my superhot intern Brendan's band called VAS DEFRANS.   Check them out.  White boy can SING.  


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