Photobucket Hell Ya!: 10/15/06 - 10/22/06

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Hell Ya! Night is tomorrow (Thursday) at the Echo

It's that time again! Hell Ya! Nights are happening more frequently now, and I'm booking bigger bands. (wait till you hear about November! it's going to be maddness!)

Here is the lineup and a song from each of the bands:


These guys are a brand new LA band. I've been reading alot about them on a few really cool blogs. (including Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good & Rockinsider)
They just played a show opening up for Thunderbirds Are Now! Which is good enough for me! I love that band! Looking forward to seeing this one. Come early to see them.

10:00 pm - THE VANITY

This band is from Denver, Colorado. They consist of one friend and 3 brothers. (all with names starting with Kam - crazy! ) Jax booked this band for me - they are in town recording their record and I'm really excited to see them. They look young, hot, and sound a bit like the Stills to me. Come check it for yourself.


This LA band is a HELL YA! Veteren. They played in July opening up for TALLY HALL. I was so impressed that I booked them again! This time - as the HEADLINER. They are a 2 piece - Ross Golan (from Ross Golan & Molehead) and Tommy (Abandoned Pools).

12:00 am - BERKO

Last but certinaly not least is BERKO. He has also played HELL YA! but under a different moniker called MR. SANDWICHES. He is signed to 3E/Columbia Records and has a sound different from any other. It's poppy, melodic, elvis costello meets billy joel on uppers, does that make sense? Probably not, so just come check it out for yourself.

That's it! See you Thursday! 21+ is free / 18+ is $5
Come say Hi to me and my even Blonder hair in the DJ booth! Me, Jax & JG will be bringing Paxil Back. ;)

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Love the Gas!

This ones for you Barz - glad were back! HAHAHAHAHA
This is why we're here.

White & Nerdy

Can Weird Al do no wrong? This video is awesome! (thanks Rich for passing it on)

Also have you seen this video of the girl playing the keytar? This one makes me laugh so hard I almost have to pee my pants. Especially since the video description is "A Sexy Lady Plays A Rock Solo On A Keytar" HAHAHA (thanks JAX for this video)

Rock Insider presents: Ferraby Lionheart tonight @ Silverlake Lounge

Come to the Silverlake Lounge tonight and support my girl Jax! I will be there. It should be a great show!

Go to JAX's ROCK INSIDER BLOG for more details including mp3's and video's from the artists playing.

Monday, October 16, 2006

New Lily Allen Video for LDN!

So I had to miss the Lily Allen show @ the Troub, but I got to see a FANTASTIC show of GHOSTLAND OBSERVATORY @ the ECHO! They rocked my face off. I need to learn some sweet dance moves like the singer Aaron. What a great frontman!! I am digging the long hair w/the braids too! (that's a first! hahaha)

I also had so much fun djing! Thanks to everyone for sticking around and dancing! :)