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Friday, June 20, 2008

I cannot promise that I don't have a girl-crush on KATY PERRY!

"It's not what good girls do..." I know I know, Katy. I'm into guys, but I would totally kiss you.

I just picked up Katy Perry's new CD One Of The Boys and it is just sooo good that it makes me wanna be bad. A fun, fancy-free straight forward pop album with a little girl rock flare, I have a feeling that this CD will be my summer soundtrack.

As a girl in her 20's living in LA, Katy speaks my language, from the fact that nearly all of my close friends are guys (One Of The Boys), to that time I was hanging over the porcelain throne after a few too many vodka-crans SWEARING I was going to move home (Lost), to the time when I ended up drunk, locked out of the hotel room, wandering around the strip for 6 hours (Waking Up In Vegas)... And of course that dare from the boys where I wounded up lip locked with my best friend (I Kissed A Girl)... I feel almost any girl could find a little bit of her own story here. And for the guys, did I mention Katy is hot? (See above picture)

Check Katy out on the Warped Tour this summer, and pick up her CD One Of The Boys, which came out this Tuesday (on sale at Best Buy for $10 or you can get it on iTunes!).