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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Plushgun + Tyler Shields = HELL YA!

I'm so jealous - some of my 2 favorite people just got together in NYC :)
I've been a PLUSHGUN fan for the past - - hmmmmm - - year i guess? I like him SO much, that I made my own DogTag necklaces with inscripted lyrics from PLUSHGUN's song "Just Impolite". Check out my previous posts about PLUSHGUN by clicking HERE, also HERE and then again HERE.

It is probably my favorite song of the year, and if you haven't heard it . . . listen to him on myspace here NOW.

go here and comment away:


new PLUSHGUN photos!

i love to have inspired this union. get ready for PLUSHGUN's first LA performance - debuting none other than a HELL YA! Night! WOOHOOO

Plushgun is going to be playing Hell Ya! Girl School @ the VIPER ROOM April 3rd, 2008. Flyer and info coming soon. We just booked his flight. Wait till you hear the lineup!!! HOLY SHIT IT"S GOING TO BE AWESOME :) yayyyyyyyyy


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Happy B-day to JAX! Pizza Party TODAY @ Silverlake Lounge!


Come celebrate the birth of Ashley Jex (aka JAX aka the ROCKINSIDER) who has been a friend of mine since she moved here from UTAH.

We both worked at KROQ together, both had a similar path actually . . . going from KROQ to Capitol Records and so forth.

We have been doing Hell Ya! Nights together from the beginning, which is now almost 2 1/2 yrs old!

we have both changed hairstyles to match our moods, both been hated on for being young & determined, both in the music biz for the right reasons: to promote good music.

now we both have our own indie labels, both still work at major record labels, and it seems our goals are in reach - - love you jax, thanks so much for all that you do. you are a true friend and a constant inspiration - so proud of you w/ JAXART. so excited with the things to come!!! HELL YA!



See you there!!!

Afterwards, I'l be heading to both Spaceland to see THE FEATURES, and ending up at the THE SMELL to see my fav. LA band THE MAE-SHI! This will be their last LA show before heading to SXSW to play 16 SHOWS! WTF!?!!?! 16???? That is just INSANITY. Looks like they might be 'the it band' of this years SXSW. (which i am NOT attending this year - first time actually!) I'm going to be here in LA - on a mini-vaca - getting organized, mani-pedi's, watching endless episodes of 30 rock and Arrested Developement etc...... I can't wait!!!

stay tuned for a recap of last nights HELL YA! @ the ROXY, and THURSDAY nights Girl School/HELL YA! @ the VIPER ROOM. I have photos coming soon! YAY


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Friday, March 07, 2008

TONIGHT @ the ROXY - KROQ presents HELL YA! w/ the JAKES, Them Terribles + more!

KROQ Locals Only & HELL YA! @ the ROXY!
***TONIGHT! Friday, March 7th, 2008***

Doors @ 7:15pm (All Ages / $12 at the door)
To buy tickets / more info call THE ROXY Box Office @ (310-278-9457)

7:30 p.m. - Good With Grenades
8:15 p.m. - Them Terribles
8:45 p.m. - Beautifyl Criminals
9:30 p.m. - Slow Motion Reign
10:15 p.m. - Billy Boy On Poison
11:00 pm - THE JAKES

*HELL YA! DJ's between sets! (Hell Ya! Heather, Anna & Emily!) / /

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My 200th post! YAY. Plus a recap of HELL YA! last thursday w/ Mezz Owls & The Mae-Shi!

Damn I haven't ever been as busy as right now. It's a good thing. So much good stuff happening, and so many great club nights / dj events I've been involved with. I got to DJ the SPACELAND 13th Anniversary Party, which was amazing. 13 bands and it seemed I was djing for 13 hours. HAHA. I love djing though, so no complaints! (Thanks Jennifer!) :)

The past Hell Ya! Night was one of our best. As I have said before, I'm a terrible writer, with terrible grammar. So I will leave it up to a few other amazing bloggers to explain the greatness of last thursday's Hell Ya! Night @ The Echo w/ Frankel, Eagle & Talon, Mezzanine Owls, & of course THE MAE-SHI!

Thanks to the following bloggers for some great reviews:
Especially one from the CLASSICAL GREEK THEATRE BLOG, who pretty much summed up my thoughts here:
'Last night The Mae Shi proved, again, that they are the best live band in Los Angeles.


No, your counter-argument is wrong.

I love Silversun Pickups, Autolux, The Cold War Kids, Airborne Toxic Event, Earlimart, and any other LA flag-bearing band of excellence. Those bands are remarkable assemblages of talent and we are blessed to have them. They write amazing, inspiring, thoughtful music. They write better songs than songs The Mae Shi write. But The Mae Shi are the best fucking live band in Los Angeles. Bar. Fucking. None. End of the conversation. Omega. Fin.'

Read the rest of his review HERE

More notable reviews:



The Mae-Shi 'Lamb And The Lion' (live from Hell Ya! Night)
So yeah, overall the show kicked some serious ass. Hell to the Ya!
And CONGRATS to JAX for releasing the 7inch vinyl single of Mezzanine Owls on JAXART. BUY THAT SHIT NOW Before it's too late!

check JAXART myspace HERE

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Girl School / Hell Ya! this THURSDAY & KROQ / Hell Ya! @ the ROXY this FRIDAY!

Ben from the Vacation is amazing w/ these concert posters. I hope Reeve Carney isn't offended, as he barely says 'Hell Ya!'

Girl School & Hell Ya! is this THURSDAY @ the Viper Room! 3/6/08

then the next night: (thanks Emily for this awesome tape flyer!)

and Ben (mgr of the Jakes) got this sweet poster designed for the same show - i love concert posters!

KROQ Locals Only & Hell Ya! is this FRIDAY @ the ROXY! 3/7/08

p.s. I hear jax is having a sweet bday partayyyy this saturday! stay tuned for info! happy bday jax!

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NICK THUNE - the new andy samberg? or dane cook? either way - - THUNE to be THUPERFAMOUS

Nick Thune 'Lobster'

hot! and funny? so freakin rare.

'cool live strong bracelets' HAHAHAHAHAHA. I almost pissed my pants

Nick Thune 'Bring Your Own Axe'

i hear Nick Thune already opened up for Dane Cook . . . so he's well on his way. Too bad I missed out on seeing him while he was performing up the street @ pshychobabble coffee shop. BOOO on me for missing out. YAY to EMILY for the tip. :)


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