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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Matt Sheehy

Hello Hell Ya-ers!

I hope everyone has had a great couple of weeks. Did everyone make it to the Plushgun show? Didn't they kick ass?!

Now, down to the music. I have been meaning to write about this gentleman for quite a while now, he made a quite the impression on me....

Last month a friend of mine emailed me about Matt Sheehy.

I went to see his show at the Roxy with Kaki King at the end of March... And he was great. This show was the last of a short run he did with Kaki, who also sings a song on his album.

I love his sound, it reminds me of The Notwist. As for his performance, as my boss said, anyone who can play bass with his feet and guitar with his hands deserves recognition. His band consisted of him, some loops and bass pedals, and a drummer, and somehow he owned the stage. The first half of the show seemed tough... People were talking pretty loudly, but after he nailed (on the second try :) a Neil Young cover of DON'T LET IT BRING YOU DOWN (see below), it seemed that everyone took notice to what was going on on stage. The last couple of songs were killer.

Matt has a new album out TIGERPHOBIA, which as far as I know is self released. I met him the day after the show and he seemed like an absolute sweetheart... the type of person you really want to support- doing it himself and totally grateful. Plus, he is a fellow Northwest-er and I am a big fan of the Northwest so I must support the musical efforts from the area.

So check out the videos from the shows and Matt's MYSPACE and show your support. hopefully we will see him back in the California sunshine soon.


Probably my favorite song of his


Great song and use of loops.


Neil Young cover.



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