Photobucket Hell Ya!: 9/24/06 - 10/1/06

Thursday, September 28, 2006

One More Reason to come to HELL YA! tonight

JAX just reminded me that it is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! NO, I'm not a lesbian - I'm talking about HELL YA! Night. We have been doing the night for a year! Very Exciting!

This is also exciting - click here.

AND I love this:

(Thanks to Sarah for the clip.)

See you tonight!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

HELL YA! Night is THURSDAY @ The Echo

It's that time again . . . HELL YA! Night @ The ECHO is this Thursday!
I went crazy and booked 5 bands this time! WOW!

Here's the lineup and a song from each of the bands:
(had to use yousendit this time - so you only have 7 days to download the tracks)


These guys are from LAKE HAVASU, ARIZONA. They recently packed the viper room last month - they were so good I had to had to fit them on the bill. Come early to see them. I will be front center for this band - mouthing all the words and singing along.

9:30 pm - SIDE STORY

These guys are from LA. I saw them play the Troubadour - and went into their recording studio to hear their new tunes! I can't wait to hear them play their new song - it's like a combo of Muse meets Maroon 5 & The Fray. Very Epic and Poppy at the same time. These guys are super talented musicians - wait till you hear the guitar player solo. It's nuts.


Dynamite Walls are from San Diego, CA. I first heard about this band while driving back from Mexico with JG. I was listening to the 94.9fm local show and this song came on the radio. I immediatly contacted the band to play HELL YA! Very excited to have them.


ESKIMOHUNTER are also from LA. I am a fan and friends with this band. As is a bunch of Young Hollywood. Jason71 has some pretty famous fans. (IE: Ryan Gosling! HOT!) This band is shoegaze rock at it's finest. They are the headliner.

12:00 pm - THE SUGI TAP

The Sugi Tap are from Hollywood, CA. The band is made up of Max and Tony - formerly of the band Eve 6. I don't have any mp3's for these guys yet - but listen to their songs on MYSPACE. It's very catchy stuff. This will be my first time seeing this band . . .

PHEW - that was a long post. Glad that's over. Come tomorrow - dance with me, Jax and JG in the DJ booth won't you?

As always - it's FREEEEE! HELL YA!

Jamie T "Sheila" Video

I love Jamie T. So does JG. Hey that rhymed! Good times!

I'm sure JG will write more about Jamie T later - but in the meantime here is his video for "Sheila". It rules. Wish I had a monkey like Jamie T.