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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

ok now THIS might be the best HELL YA! NIGHT EVER!!!

holyf-ingshitballsi'vebeenbusy . . .

all i can say is . . . zoinks my brian hurts. thank goodness i have peeps that help me! WOOHOO. take note of the emails on the right of this blog, as you can say hello! we each have HELLYADEEJAYS emails, so use them! we love to get love, and we love to get haters too! bring it on!

soooo sorry for not posting in 0392349734283 minutes . . . more updates later, but till then mark your f-ing schedules now for THURSDAY THURSDAY THURSDAY!
Hell Ya! & Girl School partner up again for our monthly night @ the Viper Room!

Yep. This is the one peeps. The first time I've ever been able to FLY A BAND out to play a show (PLUSHGUN) - - plus I know you have seen IGLU AND HARTLY play a gazillion past hell ya! nights - including my b-day party last year etc... check sidebar. haha

wow it seems like shit is going better for Hell Ya! than it is at my real paying job - - haha - either way - come thursday - and if you don't have a good time - well - you shouldn't be reading this blog and have shitty taste in music. (allegedly!)


CLICK HERE Iglu & Hartly past HELL YA! Blog Posts

for PLUSHGUN past HELL YA! blog posts CLICK HERE

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Monday, March 31, 2008

make em laugh, make em breakfast!!! my new comedy crush . . .

so yeah i finally met the guy i wanted to marry, SETH MACFARLANE, (for the non-nerds, that is the CREATOR and voices of FAMILY GUY), he wasn't that interested, or maybe it was all the SLUTS that were surrounding him before and after I said hi . . . either way - i decided i had to find another Comedy Crush like . . . QUICK! more on meeting Seth later, i have to get to spaceland for a show so i'm going to make this quick . . .

without further adieu - meet JON LAJOLIE!!!! sounds like the singer of My Morning Jacket - - funny enough to be on SNL. and should be!!

High As F*CK!

Everyday Normal Guy

Everyday Normal Guy (part 2)

i love laugh to the brink of having to pee your panties. then i end up developing a huge crush on said person. (*always have been dudes -- so far - unless I meet Tina Fey in person and she wants to just make out of something .....)
P.S. Hey MOM if you are reading this . . Don't FREAK OUT..... i'm not a lesbian! it's a joke!

oh yeah . . . speaking of Being Gay . . . watch this funny shit:

Being Gay - Commercial

I moved out here to work for KEVIN and BEAN (on the KROQ Morning show/who i love and worked with for years - thanks guys for moving me here!!!) and they always told me i will probably I would end up with someone that will make me laugh. You guys were right! I've had enough of the rockstars. HELL NO. IF you see me with one on please give me a good punch me in the face.) I love laughing, and that's damn good since I laugh ALL THE TIME. If you know me in person - - not just virally (wow that sounds kinda x-rated .. haha) i'm sure you can find me in a crowd or a rock club by listening for the laugh. it's anoyying, it's uncalled for, it's always there i can't stop it, but it's here to stay.

hell ya.
and if you want to hear the best thing i think that I ever was a part of on KROQ - - - it has to do with myself, Gary Coleman, and backgammon. I'll post it sometime next week. comment if you want to hear it - - i want to get some TYLER SHIELDS comment style action on here!!! Lets bring it!!

Make em Laugh . . . Make em Breakfast. (the breakfast part is integral, as i don't cook, like whatsoever . . . and i don't have any desire to. sorry. deal with it.)

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